Our Role

Corporate Communication, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, User Experience, Project Management, Front and Back-end Development.


The dairy industry in Bulgaria is extremely dynamic, with constant product innovation and a fierce competition between producer brands and private labels. After all, Bulgaria is the homeland of yogurt. So how to communicate in a crowded market? Vereia came to us for answers.

Which Comes First, the Brand or the Product?

Vereia envisioned a web presence with a double mission: build a strong image for the brand while also showcasing their products. The two concepts don’t always blend well together. To avoid scattering viewer’s attention, we needed to define a clear business objective.


To order to feature Vereia’s entire array of dairy products,
highlight key ingredients, inform about the production
process, and capture the entire brand history since
1959, we’ve designed a crossbreed website that is
scrollable, has traditional stand-alone pages and a gorgeous
parallax effect.


3Team Memberstraveled to Vereia’s milk farms
20+Fresh Milk Productswere tasted by our team in the name of research
58Years of Historywere brought to life in a visual timeline
150Happy Cowslisten to Mozart every morning
8Weeksto design and launch the site


Parallax Scrolling
Mobile Responsive
Social Integrations
User Interface Design
Visual Parallax


Want It. Need It. Gotta Have It.

We set our goal on creating visual cravings. We’ve tossed pieces of fruits and chocolate in the air. We’ve splashed white milk on the screen. We’ve angled the experience around voluptuous scoops of yogurt. We’ve used mouthwatering images that appeal to your tastes buts. We aimed at a strong, enticing, almost sensuous feeling. Are you hungry yet?

What Does Mozart Have To Do With Cows?

Our market research included a field trip to Vereia’s milk farms in Eastern Europe. We were fascinated to learn about Vereia’s technology, animal care and natural ways of producing milk. We were also surprised to hear music playing in the barns. According to management, the cows give more milk when they listen to classical music and Mozart seems to be their favorite. The cows also enjoy regular massages, petting, sunbathing and walks in the prairies surrounding the farm.

We Are What We Eat

The “Vereia experience” is all about transparency. From the ingredients to the production process, brand integrity, old traditions and health mission. We’ve focused on a simple, clean site, that is fun to interact with. We’ve emphasized Vereia’s health proposition to capture the hearts of foodies. We’ve created a website that feels light, healthy and happy.


Top-Down Menu

Building Vereia’s products section presented a challenge to embrace multiple products in various flavors and sizes.

We did not want to overwhelm the viewer so we’ve designed a bottom menu to navigate at your convenience.

Brand History

We’ve designed Vereia’s 54-year history and integrated video clips in a unique and interesting timeline. We’ve decided to emphasize Vereia’s strength, technological achievements and health mission in a visually intuitive way.

We’ve created a website that feels light, healthy and happy.