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Modernizing and elevating a healthcare website.

About the client

The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey (OINJ) is the largest orthopedic practice in northwest New Jersey, providing complete orthopedic care for patients with musculoskeletal illnesses and injuries. With multiple locations across the region, OINJ offers an array of orthopedic services from nationally-recognized physicians, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and customized treatment plans to help patients feel their best.

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The Opportunity

OINJ needed to cut though the local competition by positioning itself as a thought leader within the orthopedic field. Their existing website was dated and had a limited SEO strategy that inhibited both paid and organic search results. With a growing number of locations on the horizon, it was time to launch a more contemporary, mobile-first design, with engaging visuals, simple navigation and a clearer presentation of hours and services.

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What We Did

The eDesign team began by interviewing key stakeholders across all therapeutic areas at OINJ in order to get the physician point of view for each part of the patient journey. We then developed a creative brief and site map that would provide the best possible pathways for navigation based on patient needs. Keeping different user experiences in mind, we built out a content strategy that included updating and editing existing content while also working with a medical copywriter to create new, informative blog posts to educate patients on specific conditions. Recognizing that quick visibility of phone numbers was important for urgent situations, we prioritized that in the new design while optimizing SEO and developing a streamlined new logo.

How It Went

Built with a modern front-end, leveraging a JavaScript framework for fast loading across all devices, the new OINJ site features smart navigation that allows users to search by conditions and treatments, explore locations, find a physician, and request an appointment with ease. A user-friendly CMS allows for simple updates as new physicians and services are added. With a 14 percent year-over-year increase in organic search results, our SEO efforts yielded a goal completion rate of 10 percent—meaning the site converted 10 percent more prospective patients than the previous version of the site. There was one day in particular, about two months after launch, where OINJ received close to 300 calls—a record for the organization. Building on the success of these results, OINJ has committed to a continued engagement with eDesign, including ongoing content marketing and campaign work.

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Our role

UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Logo Development, Branding, Front-End Development, CMS, SEO, Drupal Integration, Ongoing Maintenance, Content Creation, Editing.

OINJ’s certified physicians use innovative techniques

What Else?

"We’ve designed a beautiful site that is organized and easy to navigate. But we also served as consultants to implement The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is a set of US national standards for the protection of personal health information. We selected HIPAA providers, then integrated the encryption technology to every form on the site. Our team sure all client appointments, personal information, and medical feedback are kept secure within OINJ’s platform."

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