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Prioritizing Long-Term Marketing Growth Over Short-Term Wins

To build a foundation for sustainable growth, customer loyalty, and industry leadership, we advocate for investing in brand storytelling and ensuring consistency across all channels.

Your New Website Is Live. Now What?

eDesign’s director of user experience emphasizes the importance of seeing your site launch as the starting point for maximizing your digital presence. 

Combining Web Design Excellence with Dynamic Marketing Strategies

By incorporating marketing strategies into your website, we ensure that your brand delivers consistent and impactful interactions at every touchpoint. Here's how our team navigates this convergence.

A Dynamic Hub for Community Engagement

CCM's new website reflects the school’s values, supports its diverse community, and enhances user experience.

Challenges Keeping Your CMO Awake at Night

This year, several pressing issues are dominating the agenda: a shift in retail marketing, the persisting economic uncertainty, diverging customer perspectives, the growth of AI, and managing your creative teams. Here's our strategy for navigating the marketing landscape in 2024.

Unlock Online Engagement

An effective strategy is to distinguish your brand by articulating the values embodied in your products and the problems they solve. There's no one-size-fits-all solution; instead, defining your niche market and adopting a focused approach is crucial.

eDesign Interactive is a Webby Awards Honoree

Exciting news! eDesign Interactive is honored at the 2024 Webby Awards.

Strategies to Engage Your CPG Audience

In this article, we will share how we captivate users online by leveraging the power of website design and the latest digital marketing trends.

Join Us at the 2024 NCMPR National Conference

Is your school's marketing strategy primarily about demand or lead generation? Are you wondering which one is best for you? We are excited to share that James Gibson and Vincent Mazza will be taking the stage as speakers to explore the topic: "Demand Gen vs Lead Gen: Which Strategy is Best for Your College?”

eDesign Wins Website Of The Day Award

Our team is excited and feels honored to be recognized for our innovative design and development skills.

eDesign Is an Experience Design Agency. Discover What Sets Us Apart

Expect to be nudged outside your comfort zone when collaborating with our team. The "e" in eDesign stands for “experience.” We pride ourselves on thinking beyond website design to craft comprehensive customer journeys.

A Better Web Design for Your CPG Brand

The uniqueness of your website establishes an immediate positive impression on visitors, serving as their initial interaction with your business in the digital space. Discover several ways in which effective web design can elevate your customer's journey.

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