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Making Your Website Persuasive: Brand Strategy

Great design, animation, structure, and functionality are essential, but they don’t move audiences alone to act. Brand strategy sets that in motion.
Your website provides users with a snapshot of your brand. For the site to be engaging and useful, ask yourself, “What is the single takeaway audiences should learn from us?”

Synack Website Launch

The Founder of Synack, challenged our team to create an uplifting website that breaks away from conventions and changes how people perceive a cyber security corporation.

Yen Press Website Launch

Our team took on the challenge of redesigning Yen Press's website. We created a website that allows fans to find their content quickly among thousands of genres, titles, series, and art styles published by Yen Press.

TDF Website Launch

The site’s modern and clean design is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with intuitive menus and clear calls to action.

The Digital Agency Advantage: Supporting the Modern CMO

The role of a CMO has become more complex and multifaceted in recent years, requiring a broader skillset and a deeper understanding of digital marketing technologies. Hiring a digital agency can help you navigate that complex and ever-changing user experience landscape.

The Importance of Pushing the Limits in Digital Experiences

We believe that our duty as a digital experience agency goes beyond creating a website or a digital campaign. It is our responsibility to imagine where your brand might go tomorrow and share any ideas that come up on our design board.

The AI-Language Model Is Revolutionizing Content Creation

Incorporating ChatGPT into websites can offer a more personalized and engaging user experience. As a website agency, we see great potential in ChatGPT. We believe that it is the future of online interactions, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this technology.

Fastmail Website Launch

Fastmail asked our team to update their visual identity and create an exciting new corporate look. The new website design is engaging, on-brand, and a real joy for users to experience as they scroll and interact.

2023 Marketing Trends in the CPG Industry

The relationship between shoppers and their favorite consumer packaged goods (CPG) is in the midst of a makeover. There is an unprecedented scale of interactivity, viral marketing, and consumer-generated content, and it is transforming online advertising.

MedSpeed Website Launch

We aimed to visually showcase MedSpeed’s fantastic services by including authentic videos, key client testimonials, unique iconography, and scrolling animations.

2022 Website of the Year Awards

A big thank you to the jury for this honor and fantastic recognition. We are proud to have so many brilliant people in the eDesign family.  

Celebrating Inclusion at Community Colleges

To celebrate DE&I community colleges must pay close attention to their messaging, their choice of photography, and web accessibility requirements.

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