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Your Website Is Outdated.  Here’s How to Fix it.

Your website must be optimized to position you ahead of your competitors. Your brand needs to engage users within seconds of landing on your site.

How to Improve Your Consumer Reach in a Changing World

Through the companies we serve, we are witnessing the daily impact of lockdowns, business closures, and the overall changes in shopping behaviors, especially in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. To stay competitive, businesses, small and large, need to rethink how they approach and engage customers.

eDesign Is Proud to Be a Five Star Web Design Agency!

eDesign Interactive is proud to be a five-star design agency in Morristown, New Jersey! For almost 20 years we’ve created stunning websites, landing pages, and interactive campaigns. Our team leverages the power of digital technology to engage with your audience, encourage sharing, and have a consistent conversion rate of traffic into loyal customers.

A Step-by-Step Marketing Strategy for Higher Education Institutions

Investing in the right type of online campaign is absolutely necessary to increase enrollment numbers. In this article, we will share the practical marketing strategies we used to help Raritan Valley Community College increase student enrollment despite many economic and demographic challenges faced by the school over the last 10+ years.

How to Improve and Maintain Google Rankings

How to rank high on Google? The best way to rank your website is to focus on users. SEO boils down to producing quality content and aligning your products with the way users are searching online. The old keyword-centric SEO strategy is outdated and needs to be replaced by a “consumer-centric” approach.

Why Keywords Are No Longer the Center Stage of SEO

What you need to know, in a nutshell, is this: If you want to rank high on Google search results, your marketing efforts need to focus on your users and their customer journey. SEO boils down to producing quality content and aligning your information with the way users search online.

How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

With the current economic climate and COVID-19 fallout, eCommerce is growing faster than ever.
This is a great time to rethink your eCommerce marketing strategy and reevaluate your web experiences. If designed well, your website can become your ultimate sales tool, open to the world 24/7 while driving real business growth and new customer revenues.

New Project Highlights

eDesign Interactive is very excited to be working on some new fantastic web projects and collaborating with great brands we love. In this blog post, we highlight some of our latest website design projects.

What Makes a Great Remote Team Culture ?

Tips on how to move a business entirely online or relocate employees to work from home.
Although we realize not all our clients have the chance to move 100% of their businesses online, we would love to share with you our continuity plan and flexibility secrets.

Do You Have a Brand Book ?

Establishing design rules enhances your marketing position and ensures coherence. The goal is to take your company to its next stage of growth in a manner that reflects your corporate values and mission and also predict any changes in your customer behaviors.

New Landing Page for SundaySky

SundaySky is an Adobe Exchange Partner. For the upcoming Adobe Summit, the team needed a minimalistic, yet elegant landing page that summarizes their integrations with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). The landing page we've created tells SundaySky’s story in a visual and abstract manner. We used plasticine to conceptualize the building blocks of smart personalized video experiences.

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