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eDesign Interactive Is Nominated for 7 NJ Ad Club Awards

Being nominated in many categories is exciting news and a great achievement. The anticipation is building as we look forward to the Jersey Awards Dinner on September 20th, when the winners will be revealed.

Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Your Web Design Project

While a fixed web design price may seem attractive to clients, it often results in a lower-quality end product due to overestimation and the tendency for brands to ask for more work than they need.

eDesign Interactive Is Listed on Inc 5000 !

We are proud to be recognized for our website design and digital marketing work. We appreciate the publicity and recognition from Inc Magazine. 

New Website Launch: Blackrock Neurotech

Combining visual “scrolly-telling” (scroll + storytelling), motion graphics, interactivity, and seamless navigation contribute to Blackrock Neurotech’s effective web design and create an impactful user experience.

Website Launch: Turner Construction

Our collaboration with Turner Construction resulted in the creation of a compelling online presence. We translated their unique requirements into a modern experience with a user-friendly design that communicates the company's core values and expertise to a wide range of audiences, instilling a sense of purpose and passion.

Introduction to Wireframes

Wireframes are a great opportunity to transform assumptions into alignment. We greatly prefer clients to ask any questions and address any concerns. Here's why.

Delegate Launches a Revolutionary Platform for Top Salesforce Experts

We are proud to unveil Delegate’s new logo and brand design. The new website is clean and modern, with an elegant black-and-white color scheme and bright color accents.

Making Your Website Persuasive: Brand Strategy

Great design, animation, structure, and functionality are essential, but they don’t move audiences alone to act. Brand strategy sets that in motion.
Your website provides users with a snapshot of your brand. For the site to be engaging and useful, ask yourself, “What is the single takeaway audiences should learn from us?”

Partnership and Flexibility: Considering the Hidden Costs of the Fixed Price Estimate for Web Projects

We have found that when we can estimate a monthly spend and combine that with a target launch date or estimated project duration, we can better collaborate with clients on doing what is best for the project.

Synack Website Launch

The Founder of Synack, challenged our team to create an uplifting website that breaks away from conventions and changes how people perceive a cyber security corporation.

Yen Press Website Launch

Our team took on the challenge of redesigning Yen Press's website. We created a website that allows fans to find their content quickly among thousands of genres, titles, series, and art styles published by Yen Press.

TDF Website Launch

The site’s modern and clean design is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with intuitive menus and clear calls to action.

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