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Celebrating Our New Space

Timber deck. Italian espresso. Garden lights. A swinging egg chair. 

What is this jazzy place?

It’s our office!!

What Is A Heatmap? Should you use one?

Tracking heatmap results can help us figure out if we need to make adjustments to any bottle-necks in user flow, make certain fonts more apparent, or review call-to-action (CTAs) placements. It can also help with search engine optimization strategies.

The European Elections GIF Competition 2019

This year the European Union invited graphic designers, animators and artists to create the best GIF for the 2019 elections. Miro’s design was chosen as one of three winners among the many entries.

The Power of 6 Seconds (YouTube Bumper Ads)

While 6-second ads are short on time, they're long on impact. Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns this year and found that 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in ad recall.

eDesign at the Forefront of Web Color Trends

We are proud our website has been showcased as an example of creative ways to use color overlays in UXPin’s Web Design Trends 2019. How exciting!

How We Used an Artificial Neural Network in a Website Design

One application we find quite interesting is using machine learning to surprise and entertain web users. Looking at a website design we’ve just released, here is an example of putting AI into action.

Start with WWW

Investing the effort to analyze the business goals, audience, and objectives of a project makes a real difference in the performance and engagement levels of a marketing campaign.

The Race is ON

The new logo of EightCap proudly decorates the nose of Ferrari’s Formula 1 fleet of race cars for the 2019 season.

Web Design Trends 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a year of mismatched designs, astonishing colors, curious animal prints and a Vogue attitude. Brands will complete for attention with loud visuals, electric styles, and bold choices.

Higher Education Advertising: How to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Investing in the right type of online campaign is absolutely necessary to increase enrollment numbers. It’s also important to build the most desirable image for your school and reinforce your visibility, engagement and credibility.

What Can a Chatbot Do For Your eCommerce Website

If you are not familiar with live chats or chatbots, we have listed below the main information you should know.

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