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Welcome, Jeff Nordstedt!

User experience is a lot about empathy and removing brand self-interest. To create a great website, you need to listen to your audience and focus on doing great things for consumers first, and advertise the strengths of your company second.

A Brand-New Website for DGJ!

The new website has a vibrant and dynamic design with a focus on DGJ’s work and quality of execution. Users are invited to scroll through the company’s services, iconic projects, and world locations. The website also highlights DGJ’s social responsibility and corporate values.

Talk Data to Me: The Future of Data Measurement

GA4 is not a platform upgrade, but an entirely new way of doing analytics and data modeling. GA4 reporting comes with a learning curve and greater ownership of your data versus the pre-built reports of Universal Analytics. We encourage you to implement GA 4 as soon as possible and to start cumulating your new data into the account.

Talk Data to Me: How We Helped a National Fertility Clinic Achieve Their Most Profitable Google Ads Month Ever

To avoid paying for unnecessary clicks, it’s wise to monitor your ads manually, measure conversions, and check their value at each step in the customer journey.

Website Launch: The Roadium

The team at The Roadium needed a new website to build a stronger digital presence and appeal to younger shoppers moving into the South Bay area. They asked us to help them draw in new clientele from this greater Southern California area. Each year, The Roadium attracts over 1.6 million shoppers from around the world.

Talk Data to Me: SaaS Content Creation and Why You Should Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Two common SEO problems and two marketing solutions that can help you boost your SaaS lead generation and lead acquisition rates.

Guided Pathways Video Presentation

eDesign’s Managing Partner, Vincent Mazza and Meredith Behrens, Director, Foundation & Marketing/Communications at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) will be speaking about Guided Pathways.

Talk Data to Me: SEO Cannibalization and How to Fix It

Brands that blog too often about similar topics and repeat the same information need to be aware that they are potentially weakening their Google rankings. This is one of the most common mistakes we see when we audit business websites.

Project Highlights

In this article, we would like to share with you our website design work and some behind-the-scenes design stories.

Talk Data to Me: How We Helped an Orthopedic Practice Increase Their User Traffic by 326%

Digital Content Marketing for Orthopedics can be easy to achieve following our technique. In this article, we would like to share with you the digital strategies we used to help OINJ gain greater market share online through an increase in their organic traffic by 326%.

2021 Year in Review

We help brands integrate creative ideas and the latest web technologies into their marketing strategy.

What to Expect from a Drupal 9 CMS Upgrade

Unlike other upgrades, going from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 requires more time and resources. If you are looking to update your content management system (CMS), here is what you should expect when implementing Drupal 9. 

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