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New Project Highlights

Our team is very excited to be working on some new fantastic web projects and collaborating with great brands we love. In this blog post, we highlight some of our latest website design projects.

What Makes a Great Remote Team Culture ?

Tips on how to move a business entirely online or relocate employees to work from home.
Although we realize not all our clients have the chance to move 100% of their businesses online, we would love to share with you our continuity plan and flexibility secrets.

Do You Have a Brand Book ?

Establishing design rules enhances your marketing position and ensures coherence. The goal is to take your company to its next stage of growth in a manner that reflects your corporate values and mission and also predict any changes in your customer behaviors.

New Landing Page for SundaySky

SundaySky is an Adobe Exchange Partner. For the upcoming Adobe Summit, the team needed a minimalistic, yet elegant landing page that summarizes their integrations with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). The landing page we've created tells SundaySky’s story in a visual and abstract manner. We used plasticine to conceptualize the building blocks of smart personalized video experiences.

Silver Paragon Award for Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC)

Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) has won a Silver Paragon Award in the category Best College Website among all Community Colleges in the US.
RVCC has been collaborating with our team to create powerful digital campaigns and increase student enrollment.

A Briefing on Corporate Branding

This blog post highlights several branding projects eDesign has produced. We hope the examples give you insights into our team’s creative thinking, methodology, and visual ideas.

Rethinking Your Digital Strategy During Coronavirus

We wanted to let you know and make sure you can feel at ease coming to us for any needs now, during and after these unprecedented times. We are here and working for you!

Website Launch: Kanbanize

We were honored and excited to start this project from the ground up. The website is minimalistic, yet elegant. It’s designed to explain Kanbanize's ingenuity and fantastic features at a glance.

Web Trends 2020

In 2020 aesthetics and technology come together to create vibrant, smart web design experiences and campaigns.

Latest Projects at eDesign

A sneak peak behind the scenes of our team’s recent work. All web designs featured in this article are very different from one another and very exciting.  

First CSS Design Award for 2020: Weaver Popcorn

Weaver Popcorn wins a CSS Design Awards SOTD.
The site stands out with 3D animations designed and rendered from scratch by our team. From a 3D popcorn box and flying kernels to an animated popcorn-making machine, we aimed at creating a truly memorable and immersive user experience into the word of Pop Weaver.

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