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CSS Design Awards Website of the Day

Our team is so excited to announce that was chosen as “Website of the Day” by CSS Design Awards.

LinkedIn B2B Strategy

Here are 4 tactics that can be applied within LinkedIn to leverage the best of your content.

Information About the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

It’s best to apply as much technical guidance as your website can possibly accommodate, regardless if you aim to reach level AAA or not. For most websites, level AA ends up being the optimum accessibility benchmark as recommended by the ADA


Miro’s 3D animations are frightening, yet also super cool. His vision has brought to life not only an ancient tradition but also the authentic dance movement and fluidity. Look at the way the light moves around the figures. It’s an impressive work of art.

6 W³ Awards for eDesign at the 14th Annual Ceremony

The W3 jury awarded eDesign 5 gold and 1 silver trophies. We won distinctions in the website categories “food and beverage”, “healthcare”, “school/university” and “professional services”. These are all industry sectors we specialize in and have fantastic clients we work with.
Our team is beyond proud, honored and so excited!

AWWWARDS “Site Of The Day” Party wins "Site of the Day" by AWWWARDS. The team is excited, grateful and honored by the recognition. The winning design is a fantasy of whimsical 3D visuals, fun animations, and casual office photos.

George Kostov: Interview

eDesign's Creative Director, George Kostov, gave an interview for DotCom Magazine. It contains interesting bits and pieces about the philosophy and creative flow we have adopted as a team.

Celebrating Our New Space

Timber deck. Italian espresso. Garden lights. A swinging egg chair. 

What is this jazzy place?

It’s our office!!

What Is A Heatmap? Should you use one?

Tracking heatmap results can help us figure out if we need to make adjustments to any bottle-necks in user flow, make certain fonts more apparent, or review call-to-action (CTAs) placements. It can also help with search engine optimization strategies.

The European Elections GIF Competition 2019

This year the European Union invited graphic designers, animators and artists to create the best GIF for the 2019 elections. Miro’s design was chosen as one of three winners among the many entries.

The Power of 6 Seconds (YouTube Bumper Ads)

While 6-second ads are short on time, they're long on impact. Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns this year and found that 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in ad recall.

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