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eDesign Is an Experience Design Agency. Discover What Sets Us Apart

Expect to be nudged outside your comfort zone when collaborating with our team. The "e" in eDesign stands for “experience.” We pride ourselves on thinking beyond website design to craft comprehensive customer journeys.

A Better Web Design for Your CPG Brand

The uniqueness of your website establishes an immediate positive impression on visitors, serving as their initial interaction with your business in the digital space. Discover several ways in which effective web design can elevate your customer's journey.

A Must for Any Website: Inspiring Audiences

Users are not making quick decisions to buy. They need to be convinced. Design plays a crucial role in this process as it immediately communicates the authenticity of your website and if you’re successful at what you do.

The Latest AI Trends Transforming Web Design

Keeping your brand dynamic, relevant, and in sync with evolving user expectations and technological progress requires regular updates. Curious about the latest AI advancements? Here are some of the web trends to keep in mind. 

Celebrating a Year of Creativity : Our Most Remarkable Projects in 2023

eDesign Interactive is thankful for the captivating projects we had the chance to work on in 2023.

WordPress vs. Custom CMS

Wondering about the pros and cons of WordPress and CakePHP? This article serves as a concise overview to assist you in evaluating your choices.

Grateful for Our Clients, Fantastic Projects, and Creative Teams

This blog post is a sincere expression of our gratitude as we give thanks for the people and projects that make our agency thrive.

eDesign Interactive Wins 9 Davey Awards for Web Excellence

Our team's dedication, creativity, and outstanding work have earned nine trophies in multiple web categories, including best website redesign, best home page, best visual aesthetics, and best use of animations. We are excited, humbled, and so happy.

eDesign Wins Big at the 2023 w3 Awards

Winning in so many categories makes us jump with joy and inspires us to keep learning, innovating, and delivering high-quality work.

How to Reuse Higher Ed Videos to Maximize Your School’s Marketing Campaigns

Reels are becoming vital for advertising your school. Concise and visually engaging video content is the best way to capture attention, engage students, and increase enrollments.

eDesign Wins 7 Jersey Awards

eDesign is honored and thrilled to receive seven Jersey Awards from the NJ Ad Club!
We are grateful for the recognition of our work and dedication.

eDesign Interactive Is Nominated for 7 NJ Ad Club Awards

Being nominated in many categories is exciting news and a great achievement. The anticipation is building as we look forward to the Jersey Awards Dinner on September 20th, when the winners will be revealed.

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