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The team

We are eDesign, a Rockin' Team

We are strategists, researchers, information architects, front/back-end developers, digital marketing experts, graphic designers, UX designers, digital evangelists, motion artists, videographers, illustrators and more. Together, we transform the ordinary into truly striking.

We do what we do because we love it. We are ready to tackle challenges. We are excited to deliver powerful designs. We are thrilled to work with our clients and make things happen.

And we are good at it.


Our project management team is seriously organized and certified in different methodologies - agile, scrum, kanban, lean, waterfall.

Hi, I’m Hrisi. I’m a Senior Project Manager, PMI-ACP certified. I put my heart and soul in every project I organize.
Hi, I’m Marin. I am eDesign’s Operations Lead and am responsible for the operational side of our agency. I also drive and manage projects.
Hi, I’m Geri. I’m a Project Manager at eDesign. I’m passionate about brand building.
Hi, I’m Marieta, Project Manager. I'm extremely organized and keep projects on schedule and budget. I love the outdoors and have climbed many mountain peaks. On weekends, I lead self-improvement classes as I am a trained psychologist. Big rock music fan.
Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m a Project Manager at eDesign. I’m in charge of software, hosting, and client support. In my spare time, I play in a local rock band.
Hi, I’m Tedi, Project Manager at eDesign. I love keeping every project well organized and structured. In my free time, I enjoy exercise, traveling, and relaxing with a good book.
Hi, I’m Petya, Project Manager at eDesign. I believe that adding human emotions to a project builds lasting partnerships. I love dancing and salsa is my passion.
Hi, I’m Elida, a Senior Account Manager here at eDesign. Accurately telling our clients stories and making sure they are content throughout the duration of the projects is my number one priority.
Hi, I'm Michael. I'm an Account Manager at eDesign. I love tackling tough challenges and care deeply about expanding my partners’ ideas of what their brands can achieve on the web.

Imagination Wizards 

Our designers extraordinaire have a collective experience of 125 years. Thanks to highly creative art direction, eDesign has gathered a treasure trove of international awards.

Hi, I’m Miro. I’m a Senior Art Director at eDesign. I make design magic happen. I create graphic designs, 3D, and motion graphics.
Hi, I'm Stella. I'm an associate Art Director at eDesign and have more than 15 years of experience in Web Design. I'm a Jury Member at AWWWARDS. I love interior design, cats, plants, jogging, and traveling.
Hi, I’m Ina. I’m a Senior Designer. I excel at crafting fantastic brand identities.
Hi, I’m Jeff Nordstedt, Director of User Experience at eDesign. I work closely with our clients to create unique content that moves users to action. A passionate guitar player, I have toured the US and Europe with my band The Milwaukees.
Hi, I’m Nikola. I’m a Senior Designer. I use the power of fantasy to create unusual assets on point with your brand. I am a big nature lover and spend my weekends hiking in the mountains.
Hi, I’m Ivan, Designer at eDesign. I love typography and use the power of words to accentuate design spaces. In my spare time, I create art posters for exhibitions around the world.
Hi, I’m Stasi. I’m a Videographer and a Designer. I will be creating fantastic video assets for your digital campaign.
Hi, I'm Sema. I am a Designer with a passion for creating eye-catching digital campaigns. Originally from Turkey, I am part of eDesign’s EU office. I love to paint. I also collect stones and minerals.
Hi, I’m Simona. I am a Digital Designer specializing in animations. An experienced climber, I feel at ease in the mountains, surrounded by nature. I also love to cycle, hike, and swim.

Juggling Multitaskers

Our executives are always on the go, managing diverse assignments.

Hi, I’m George. I’m the Founder of eDesign. I am involved in every project as a Creative Director and Business Strategist.
Hi, I’m Vincent. I am a Partner at eDesign. I love helping clients strategize and put together fantastic campaigns.


Our business development team is here to assess your needs, estimate your project, and help mobilize our participating talent.

Hi, I’m Eli, Business Development at eDesign. Passionate about storytelling, I contribute to different teams within eDesign. I have traveled to 100 countries.
Hi, I'm David. I'm a Strategic Account Supervisor, in charge of eDesign’s business development. I believe that within each of us lie remarkable ideas and inspiration to create the world we imagine. I’ve also built my own rocket pack. Yes, a rocket pack.

Code Magicians

eDesign’s front-end and back-end programming engineers play with cutting edge technology. They have the ability to code the most innovative ideas.

Hi, I’m Yanosh. I’m a CTO at eDesign. I oversee our development team and code challenging structures.
Hi, I’m Ivan. I’m a Senior Back-end Developer. I’m in charge of code, security and programing choices.
Hi, I’m Christo. I’m a Back-end Developer. My strength is logical algorithms. I also started a recycling revolution at the office.
Hi, I’m Rossi. I’m a Front-end Developer. Web animations are my passion.
Hi, I'm Tsveti, Front-end Team Lead. I'm handling complex logic and providing technical support to my team members. I love plants and I am also an interior design enthusiast.
Hi, I’m Bobi. I’m a Front-end Developer. I excel at user pathways and micro interactions.
Hi I’m George. I’m a Front-end Developer. I’m a sports person and inspire health trends at the office.
Hi, I’m Dave. I’m a Back-end Developer. I excel at ping-pong.
Hi, my name is Delyan, PHP Developer at eDesign. I am also a passionate photographer and love capturing unusual scenes.
Hi, I'm Dimiter - associate consultant software innovations, r&d at eDesign Interactive.
Hi, I’m Petya, Front-end and Full Stack Developer. I am a WordPress expert and lecturer at WordCamp. Outside of the office, you will find me traveling through remote and beautiful places on the planet.
Hi, I’m Ventzy, PHP Programmer. I have strong experience with software development, ERP, and data information systems. I have many hobbies, from painting and wood-carving to snowboarding and mountain climbing.
Hi, I’m Petya. I am a Front-end Developer. I am passionate about design and am looking to grow my creative skills. I was born by the sea and find my inspiration in nature as well as the beating heart of the city.
Hi, I’m Zvezda, a PHP Developer Trainee at eDesign. I just finished my degree in programming and am excited to work on demanding projects. I love to be challenged and look forward to expanding my skills.

Digital Strategists

eDesign’s marketing strategists are advertising experts with solid know-how in anything digital.

Hi, I’m Stella, Digital Strategist. I create fantastic campaigns with an impact. Music fills my heart. I play several instruments and am learning classical singing. I am also an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction books.
Hi, I’m Emi. I’m a Senior Digital Project Manager. I’m passionate about storytelling and look for inspiration during trips around the world.
Hi, I’m James, eDesign’s Director of Digital Marketing. I have a passion for branding, growth marketing and data analysis.
Hi, I'm Stan. I'm the Creative Lead of the digital team and I make sure we produce eye-catching, result-driven campaigns.
Hi, I'm Ina. I'm a Digital Project Manager at eDesign.
Hi, I’m Candace. I am an SEO Expert at eDesign. I am passionate about digital advertising and excel at campaign management, auditing and lead generation.
Hi, I’m Liana. I’m a Digital Project Manager. I make sure all projects happen on deadline.


Our social media team implements fun twists and viral ideas.

Hi, I’m Kate – Social Media Expert. I've been working in advertising for more than 9 years. I also write children’s books and fantasy/sci-fi short stories.
Hi, I'm Anna-Maria. I am a Social Media Expert, copywriter, and Facebook whisperer. In my spare time, I am involved with many theater productions and am always surrounded by local artists.

Brand Storytellers

Our copywriters and strategists will shape your brand's story to engage the right audience.

Hi, I am Michael, Brand Strategist at eDesign Interactive. A storyteller at heart, I uncover the single most emotionally persuasive thing you can say to create engagement, setting the stage to tell your story compellingly.
Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a Senior Copywriter on the U.S. team. I love finding just the right words to bring brand stories to life. Periodically I guest lecture on copywriting at NYU.
Hi, I’m Heidi. I am a Senior Copywriter part of the US team. I use fun and creativity in every project and love helping brands shine. One of my favorite projects was working with Chef Marcus Samuelsson on his famous book “The Soul of a New Cuisine”.

Mission Coordinators

Hi, I'm Jess, Executive Assistant at eDesign. I love creativity and problem-solving. I also enjoy finding ways to work more efficiently.


Always ready to catch the ball.

Hi, I’m Fiji. I'm always ready to play and make the office a joyful place. My soft fur and sweet personality help people relax. I reside on a big pillow in the design department.
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