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eDesign is a digital agency passionate about storytelling, visual design and technology. We collaborate with companies small to large around the world to help them engage their audiences and build brand awareness. 

Our team can create amazing web experiences, beginning with deep market research, practical strategies and professional execution.

Our client results speak for themselves. 

Weaver Popcorn

An interactive website design built for the king of popcorn. We worked on creating fantastic 3D animations and original motion graphics. The meticulous in-house research and data validation was of upmost importance for building a global website catering to different B2B and B2C audiences.

Welch’s® Fruit Snacks

A website design that feels fun, fresh and vibrant. Playful animations, big images, and bold colors showcase the brand. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks is a wholesome, yummy snack that puts fruit first. The website visuals show just that. Gorgeous fruit pieces are bouncing on the screen.

Agata Photography

Brand identity and website redesign. We built the web space as a journey. Our in-house video production takes viewers in Agata’s studio for a behind the scenes photography session. Clients are invited to connect with Agata and experience her art.

Frost King

We created an engaging and educational mobile web-app that helps homeowners make every corner of their house more comfortable. The project also included the creation of the “Frost King House” as a desktop experience.

About us

We pour
every design

As an award-winning digital agency, our team has been producing fantastic websites for over 15 years.

We do what we do because we love it and are dedicated to creating meaningful work. That’s why clients hire us. Our heart is set on their goals.


360°of Digital Services Expertise

From corporate identity, to website development and digital campaigns, we help brands dazzle their audience and grow their bottom line with visible results. 

Web Design
Web  Design

Creating great website experiences

is the sole reason we’re in business. This is where we shine. With over 15 years know-how, you can count on us to design outstanding work in every pixel. Our programming squad plays with cutting edge technology and innovative ideas. We have deep insights into many industries and an expert UX/UI team ready to roll.

Brand Identity
Brand  Identity

Building a memorable logo

is at the core of a great digital presence. If your branding is missing clarity and meaning, or needs a little beauty lift, our team is here to help. Creating the entire brand identity of a business is an exciting task, and we can build out all aspects covering the logo/mark, brand guidelines and related print materials. Let us give you the “wow” factor!

Digital Marketing
Digital  Marketing

Combining quantitative data with qualitative insights

we can craft a powerful message that will capture attention and drive conversions. Our campaign capabilities help brands enrich and amplify the way they communicate with the world around them.

Motion Graphics
Motion  Graphics

Moving pictures that dazzle your audience

In our quest for quality we have developed our own animation and video production division. Our team can shoot films, create storyboards, make 3D animations, build illustration videos, and simply rock motion graphics. We do everything in-house, enhancing the web design process from start to finish.

This is us

We are creative
people with big

We produce awesome visuals. Full of energy, drive and passion, our team aims to deliver the most outstanding work in every pixel. 

High five


In the last 15 years, our creative team has been awarded on many occasions, winning several AWWWARDS, FWA, CSS Design Awards, Webby Awards, Lovie Awards, Davey, and W3, among others.

We are humbled and honored by the recognition from our peers.

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It keeps our focus, energy and determination at an all-time high.



5 Davey Awards,
4 W3 Awards.
Вest Mobile Web Design


1 Lovie Award 
2 Forbes Evolution Awards
1 AWWWARDS Developer award
CSS Designer of the Year (DOTY) nomination
"Best Web Agency” at Forbes E-volution Awards
Most awarded website:


2 Lovie Awards
3 Davey Awards 
5 CSSDA SOTD (CSSDA “Agency of the Year” finalist)
1 Webby Nomination
3 Forbes E-volution Awards
Most awarded website design


2 Lovie Awards,
Most awarded website design


Awarded “Agency of the Year” by the BWA.
Most awarded website:;
Brickfielder is also selected top 40 e-commerce sites by CSSDA


1 Webby Nomination
2 Forbes E-volution Awards, Selected Forbes E-volution Agency of the Year.
Most awarded website design
D’Angelico’s web design is mentioned in over 37 publications, articles and design blogs around the world. 


Awarded “Agency of the Year” by the BWA. 


2 Dope Awards.
Awarded “Agency of the Year” by the BWA.


2 Computer Space Awards.
Awarded “Agency of the Year” by the BWA.


5 MediaMixx Awards,
1 Computer Space Award.
Awarded “Agency of the Year” by the BWA.
Featured in .NET Magazine


6 MediaMixx Awards


4 MediaMixx Awards,
1 Computer Space Award.


1 Muse Award


We’re up and running! So exciting. We’re mobilizing our team, following our values and getting established. Some of the original team members are still with us to date.