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Making an email company cool.

About the client

Fastmail is an email provider that helps users reclaim control of their personal information and increase their productivity. The company provides rock-solid mail technology that guarantees privacy. Their productivity features are one of a kind, built to keep users organized. Fastmail is a thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use email application, trusted by customers around the world.

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Our Role

Web Design, UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, Motion Graphics, 3D Animations, Project Management, Web Animation, Copy-editing, WordPress CMS, Third-party Integrations, GDPR Compliance, and SEO.

The Opportunity

Fastmail asked our team to update their visual identity, create an exciting new corporate look, and build a new website focused on customer acquisition. The website redesign needed to illustrate how Fastmail helps users do more with their email, while at the same time highlighting their commitment to users’ privacy.

Our main objective was to further the company’s mission with new messaging— Make Email Yours— which puts visitors at the center of the website. Fastmail was developed by its founder to provide the best privacy standards possible and make customers the main priority. We intended to design a website that embodies this vision.'

We also wanted to address the question “Why would you pay for email when you can use Gmail for free?”. To answer this question, we planned to engage new users by visually immersing them in Fastmail’s powerful privacy standards, workflow organization, and personalization options.

What we did

The new site is designed as a lead generation tool. It showcases why Fastmail exists, how it puts users in control of their email privacy, and how it helps them be more productive.

It entices people to sign up, get a domain, and transfer their emails in quick and easy steps. The header and footer of the website are organized with new clients in mind. Within seconds, users can find information, answers their questions, or contact support.

While the previous site had a lot of 2D illustrations, the new design incorporates 3D visuals and playful iconography that show the simplicity of Fastmail’s organization and privacy. The vibrant and colorful aesthetics, coupled with our 3D visualization of emails, emphasize the services Fastmail offers. The design is engaging, on-brand, and a real joy for users to experience as they scroll and interact.

We created symbolic 3D drawings and micro-animations that grab attention.

Our 3D work helps web visitors understand right away the advantages of using Fastmail. The bright colors and flawless animations create trust, a sense of fun, and lightness.

How It Went

Fastmail’s web design speaks for itself. The unique three-dimensional design elements make the website feel light, fun, and immersive.

Тhe site incorporates a WordPress CMS with advanced custom fields and Gutenberg building blocks. This allows Fastmail to build its own custom pages and publish content in a few simple clicks, without developer assistance.

One of the most mind-blowing applications of high intensity lasers is to further the research in fusion reaction. Harnessing quantum enhanced fusion can lead to generating limitless clean energy for our planet.

We are so proud the consortium chose to work with eDesign on branding this fantastic mission and we look forward to a continued partnership.

The performance and speed of the site are of utmost importance. With a name like Fastmail, you must have a site that loads fast. Even though we are using many micro-animations and WebGL-built elements, the page speed performs flawlessly.

Fastmail’s team was proud to announce their updated website and visual identity. We share the same pride for them and are very excited about the companys positive reviews from current users and business partners.?

“Building a great company is always a team sport, and while we were collaborating with Fastmail to design and build their new website, we truly felt like part of their team,” commented Vincent Mazza, Managing Partner of eDesign. “I’m always proud of our agency’s work, but bringing so many folks to work together, challenge assumptions, think creatively, and ultimately create something great is the best outcome!”

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