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The Frost King House

Building an award-winning mobile experience.

Davey awards

About the Client

Frost King is the #1 brand in the DIY weatherization home improvement space. From weatherstripping, to pipe/duct insulation to flooring and carpet trim, the brand is available at more than 10,000 hardware stores in the U.S. and at many retailers worldwide.

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Our Role

Mobile Experience Design, User Experience, Website Design, Front and Back-End Development, Project Management, SEO, Social Media Planning and Execution.

We designed
over 50+
3d products

Plastic Garage Door Side and Top Weatherstrip Kit
Pre-Split Tubular Fiberglass Pipe Cover with Self-Sealing Jackets
Outdoor Stretch or Nail-on Window Kits

Mobile Experience

Frost King customers are big on watching “how to” videos and seeking out help, advice and new ideas. To address this consumer behavior, we designed a virtual Frost King “house” for homeowners to navigate in order to identify potential problem areas in their homes. Each problem area featured a quick DIY solution to improve energy efficiency and help homeowners keep the cold out and the warmth in. This engaging, interactive and educational digital tool was designed to help homeowners make every corner of their homes more comfortable.

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The consumer-friendly mobile experience allows homeowners to navigate a virtual home
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Each problem area features a quick DIY solution to make a home more energy efficient.
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The application helps customers identify potential “problem areas” that leak energy and cost them money.
Products are associated with “how to” video advice, tips and tricks.
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Product Finding Made Simple

In addition to developing the Frost King House, eDesign was honored to redesign the brand’s existing website in order to make it more intuitive and helpful.

Rethinking the entire user experience and navigational pathways, our team carefully planned Frost King’s UX and UI in order to accommodate the brand’s huge portfolio of products.

Solving Problems

The brand is embracing customer love and focusing on problem solving. Hence, the Frost King house is here to help fix 15 of most problematic areas in a home. Customers can click on any household surface to discover ways of improving their home.

An Award-Winning Mobile Experience

Whether at home or in the aisle of a home improvement store, we wanted consumers to be able to consult a mobile-optimized app for practical, do-it-yourself solutions on the go. Our mission was accomplished, with the Frost King House app receiving a Silver Davey Award in the Mobile Apps category.


We made sure each product listing included links to further instructions and “how to” information. Users can easily check where to buy items in their area, locate the nearest store, and browse FAQs.

What Else?

We were tasked with working on the brand’s ongoing blog and social media content. Offering seasonal tips and tricks, our team serves up warm, service-oriented homeowner content in every post.

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