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Villa Yambol

A website inspired by the aroma of oak barrels and earthy wines.

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About the Client

Villa Yambol is a leading producer of quality red and white wines. Over the years, the winery has won many awards at the most prestigious international wine tasting competitions.

Our Role

Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Animation, Video Editing, User Interface Design, Project Management, Front-end Development, Back-end Development.

90 Year-Old

Founded in 1924, Villa Yambol is the oldest winery in Southern Bulgaria. The brand prides itself on long-lasting traditions, including outstanding wine quality and true attention to detail.

Touring their beautiful facility, we learned that Villa Yambol is one of the very few winemakers to have their own barrel workshop. New barrels are manufactured from high-quality Bulgarian oak, while old barrels are recycled into interesting bar accessories.

Vila Yambol product box
Popweaver product box


To draw viewers into Yambol’s rich valley, we used gorgeous custom photography manipulated to perfection. Each image conveys Villa Yambol’s passion for the land, devotion to the craft and love of wine.

We designed the website as an immersive experience where visitors can take a stroll along lush vineyards, catch a glimpse of the winemaking process, and view sweet grapes soaking in sunrays.

Moving Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact that moving images can have on your audience. By using the sound, storytelling and emotional components of video, we engage the human senses and create a spontaneous connection between the user and the brand. Careful editing creates trust, ignites curiosity and provides entertainment value.

Beautiful Details

We aimed to create a contemporary website that embodied the spirit of the winery.

The design captures the earthy colors of the Yambol Valley and includes interactive maps to teach viewers about different wine regions, soil types and grape qualities.

Vila Yambol layout
Vila Yambol layout

Mobile Friendly

A website that displays well on mobile devices is an absolutely must. Villa Yambol enjoys fluid design elements that reshape to fit any screen size.

Boutique Product Pages

Each product page tells the story of the blend, label details, aroma description and food paring. The bottle is featured as “the hero” in bold visuals and compelling imagery.

Popweaver product box
Editing the right video frames ignites curiosity, creates trust, and provides entertainment value.
Villa Yambol enjoys fluid design elements shaped to fit any screen size.
The website design accentuates the earthy colors of the Yambol Valley.
Wine bottles are featured as “the hero” using bold visuals and compelling imagery.
Founded in 1924, the brand prides itself with long-lasting history and traditions.
We have separated the different wine regions and soil types into beautiful interactive maps that teach viewers specifics of the climate and grape qualities.

What Else?

We are proud to be a long-term partner of Villa Yambol, designing different website projects for company’s separate brands throughout the years.

Fast Facts
dazzling wine blends
hours of coding
years of winemaking
case of Merlot delivered to our office
professionals worked on this site
intuitive back-end administration