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The Power Of (R)evolution

Powering an amazing innovation in energy.

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About the Client

EXERON generates and stores energy from various sources: PV, wind, diesel genset and grid electricity. The system is used for telecoms towers, residential electricity, and factory power supply, along with oil and gas drilling rigs. EXERON is military certified and provides uninterrupted service in harsh condition, operating at temperatures up to 80°C/176°F!

Exeron image
Exeron  image

Our Role

Web Design, User Experience, Project Management, Front and Back-End Development, User Interface Design, Hand Drawing, Animations, Video Production, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Voiceover Direction, Moving Graphics, 3D Animation.

Earth’s Power of
the Future

Ready Now.

EXERON is a brilliant system, a huge technological breakthrough, and a colossal human achievement. Not only does the system operates in any part of the world, under any conditions, combining different power sources; it also helps with massive OPEX cost reductions, CO2 reductions and generates reliable electricity for many places around the globe.

To encompass so much greatness in a single website, we needed to reinvent the impossible together.

Exeron image
Exeron image


When we started working on EXERON, the information was overwhelming. The technology was futuristic, the terminology was puzzling, and the marketing assets were scarce. In order to translate the impressive amount of data into effective visuals, we headed to EXERON’s factory to take notes, sketch, analyze, photograph and understand.

Our team was on a mission to learn about advanced diesel genset, modular hot plug-ins, DG/Grid rectifiers, Lead-Acid, Li-Ion, LiFePo, Ni-Cad, Zinc based battery control and more—putting it all together into a comprehensive-yet-interesting (yet corporate, yet creative) website. Phew!

Fantastic Animations

To showcase EXERON, we set off to create a grand website worthy of the innovation it mirrors. Over 250 images were drawn by hand by our extraordinary designers, then animated by our front-end gurus. The work was meticulous and the effort was ambitious, with long hours spent on every detail.

Users can engage with animations to run an entire EXERON plant, build their own, launch live configurators, run power flow diagrams, or experience a helicopter pad. Simply wow, don’t you think?


What is a powerful technology without its secret extraterrestrial origin and sci-fi cosmic lab? Say what?!

Our team created a video script, moving graphics and animated video story to illustrate the powers of EXERON. The work was done in-house and loved the creativity, the energy and collaboration that sprung between our team and our client. We hope you will enjoy the story as much as we had fun creating it.

Exeron image
Down image
EXERON generates and stores energy from various sources.

What Else?

In addition to enhancing EXERON’s logo, we worked in-house to create a hand-drawn, sci-fi inspired animated video to tell the EXERON story—sparking creativity and collaboration between our team and our client.

On the back-end, we built EXERON’s entire monitoring system from scratch, enabling high-volume queries to the SQL server, with plenty of room to grow. Finally, we were entrusted to build the website of International Power Supply (IPS), EXERON’s mother company.

Fast Facts
Images drawn by hand
Hours of coding
Extraterrestrials casted for the video
EXERON is operating in Antarctica
Professionals worked on this site