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AP Content Services

Building an interactive media kit for a global news provider.

About the client

The Associated Press (AP) is an independent global news provider with more than half the world’s population reading AP content every day. The organization is dedicated to factual reporting and is often trusted to announce big news, including, for example, the official results of the US presidential election.AP Content Services is the content marketing division of The Associated Press. The team collaborates with brands to develop custom storytelling projects using cutting-edge media technologies and a global network of photographers and videographers ready to capture the news. Branded content is distributed across all AP media platforms and advertising channels.

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Our Role

Web Design, UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, Motion Graphics, Project Management, Web Animation, Copy-editing, WordPress CMS, Third-party Integrations, GDPR Compliance, and SEO.

The Opportunity

Originally, AP Content Services had a single page of information within The web content did not offer enough material or information about their team’s work and capabilities. Having consulted with us, AP Content Services was ready to introduce a standalone microsite and present clients with an online media kit website experience.

What we did

Through research and interviews, we helped AP Content Services identify the key areas of their new website URL. A simple sitemap and user-friendly navigation create pathways to all four of their core services at a glance. We built an interactive media kit, enriched with micro-animations and a strong focus on conversions.

The new visuals reinforce AP’s brand as one of the most trusted content creators. We highlighted their amazing projects through rich photography and designed animated icons that connect with the audience. The site is not only modern and stylish, it’s also functional, easy to operate and compliant. We added planned call-to-actions and provided AP Content Services with an interesting way to categorize their case studies. Users can quickly get in touch or reach out for a quote across any product and service.

A simple sitemap and user-friendly navigation

How It Went

It was a bit of a challenge to execute AP’s specific print rules and style guidelines into an interactive experience that would also be responsive to different screen sizes. We are proud of the results and how this allows future content editors to update the site, while staying on brand.

AP Content Service’s new site operates with a WordPress CMS and is fully optimized for search. The website is already showing strong ranking results in Google under their new domain. The contact forms we put in place are integrated with Salesforce to facilitate connecting new clients to sales team members directly. The site is also built to incorporate OneTrust, a GDPR-compliant Privacy Management Software tool.

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This microsite intentionally feels like a larger project on the outside to make AP Content Services a top choice for clients, brands and companies looking for fantastic sponsored publishing and content creation across AP. The feedback we received from our client and major stakeholders was extremely positive. We are proud and honored to be partnering with the forward-thinking team at AP Content Services.

We are proud and honored to be partnering with the forward-thinking team

at AP Content Services.

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