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Inspired by the purest ice on the planet

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Our role

Branding, Graphic Design, User Experience, Project Management, Hand Drawing, Animation, Front and Back-End Development, User Interface Design, Video Editing.

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About the Client

Inspired by the purest ice caps on the planet, Alaska Vodka is a company with spirit. Handcrafted with ultra-pure spring water, the finest quality grains and a sweet hint of honey, the brand’s hallmark is its distinctive taste.

Alaska airplabe image
Alaska airplane route

Born in Space...
2 billion
years ago

Alaska Vodka asked us to create a corporate website as unique as the company’s trademark taste and quality. In the process of getting to know the brand, we learned some fascinating facts. For example, the distillation process uses Shungite rocks, which were part of a meteor that collapsed on earth some two billion years ago.

Shungite rocks seem to absorb, filter and purify any harmful elements or bacteria, giving liquids a healing power. A theory even presumes that life itself started from within shungite water, as its structural elements are present in all living beings. %s Hearing company’s passion for taste and quality, we were inspired to create a website that advocates the story of Alaska vodka and shows the untamed wilderness and extreme beauty of its origins.

The Purest
Ice on Earth

The website design is an Alaskan wonderland of pure ice, floating snowflakes and mountain mist that come together to capture the heart of the brand. Our journey starts at the top of Alaska’s highest mountain range, revealing the exceptional purity of the spirit. Scrolling along, viewers can take different roads to discover the crafting of the product and the quality of ingredients behind the vodka’s authentic taste.

Through carefully chosen images, video frames and moving elements, we introduce viewers to Alaska’s pristine scenery, spring waters and high quality grains, along with each part of the 7-step distillation process.

An Amazing Journey
to the Highest Peak

As if the breathtaking visuals weren’t enough, Alaska’s website takes viewers further along, exploring the purest ice on earth in the footsteps of a real expedition.

The brand sent Bulgarian alpinist Doychin Boyanov to “conquer Alaska” and bring back ice from the tallest peak in North America—Mount McKinley, aka “Denali.” The epic story unfolds through a vertical scroll and timeframe animation.

A wonderland of floating snowflakes and mountain mist take viewers to the heart of the brand.
We followed the footsteps of a real expedition. The campaign was a great success on social media.
Carefully chosen images, video frames and moving elements present the authentic taste of Alaska Vodka.
Wonderful designs happen through storytelling, beautiful imagery and attention to detail.
We learned fascinating facts about brand’s production process and secret components.


Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into a brand. We specialize in crafting visual journeys that create a personal connection between a product and its audience, telling stories that are authentic, creative and inspirational. By embedding an element of human challenge in Alaska Vodka’s story, we crafted a visual experience that truly resonates with customers.

What Else?

In addition to the website, our team created a popular social media campaign, shared live during the Alaska Vodka expedition. As partners with Alaska Vodka’s holding company for more than 7 years, we’re happy and humbled by the company’s trust and loyalty and are stoked to work with this dynamic brand.

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