K -express is a Bulgarian chain of self-service restaurants, gourmet markets and fast food stands serving homemade cooking. The chain provides the convenience of speed, freshly prepared ingredients and healthy meals. K-express came to us for a digital makeover. As inspiration, they offered us traditional Bulgarian dishes and rich desserts, a finger liking proposition we could not refuse.

Digital Makeover

We wanted to create a fresh and colorful website with a zest of homemade aroma. Our goal was to find the best way to display K-express’ menu, restaurant atmosphere, as well as integrate corporate information and ways to partner with the franchise. The project also included back-end administrator logins for the blog, active promo codes, interactive location maps and search engine optimization. All of this was carefully packed into a simple to navigate, elegant menu.

Fresh Produce.
Fast Service.

Happy Atmosphere

To convey K-express’ modern atmosphere, we’ve put together a
series of time-lapse videos, happy graphics, and moving images.
Fresh salads are tossed in the air. Colorful veggies breeze
through the site. Elegant icons move with your mouse.


Going Vertical

We’ve purchased DJI’s Spreading Wings S1000+ and learned how to operate it. We’ve researched, designed and prototyped a custom-made flyer that is aerodynamic and attachable to our Wings. We’ve experimented with altitude and flight operations. We were ready for the very first drone campaign ever created in Eastern Europe. We flew K-express’ message straight to the windows of the office tower right before lunch. With a witty message, we invited all employees to come discover the newly opened restaurant near their office.


A Step Beyond Digital

As soon as the website was ready, K-express asked us to share their message with the world. We thought about it and decided that using SEO or social media is not the best way to go viral. We had something bolder in mind. K-express’ biggest venue is located near a glass tower filled with tech professionals. We knew exactly how to engage those potential clients in a very exciting way. We’ve planned on bringing the buzz factor.


1Spreading Wings S100+drone used for the campaign
2Graphic Designersworked on this project
97Hungry Peoplefollowed our drone K-Espress
20+Fresh Mealsoffered daily at K-Espress
4Drone Operatorshelped the campaign soar

Buzz Gone Wild

Surprised by the buzzing sound, office employees were picking through the windows, snapping pictures and sharing the message with friends. In a matter of minutes, we created a joyful rush like no other. The campaign was a sensation and went beyond viral. K-express got a huge social engagement, thousands of Facebook likes and hungry employees queuing at their venue.

With a genius plan, small efforts can move mountains. That’s the power of eDesign.