Societe Generale:The One

Our Role

User Interface Design, Animation, Project Management, Front and Back-end Development.


%s2013 Awwwards%s Honorable Mention
%s2013 BG Site%s Best Landing Page of the Year 2013
%s2013 Bulgarian Web Awards%s Best Website in the Category Landing Pag

Societe Generale is a leading global bank with French origins. The Group believes in four core values: commitment, responsibility, team spirit and innovation. It’s those values that Societe Generale wanted to portray in their newest product: a customized credit card with a 45 days free interest rate “The 1”.

A Landing Page
With Attitude

We’ve crafted the page as a stand-alone website with easy navigation and a
charming personality. We framed the concept around a journey of storytelling and strong branding.

Next, we reviewed the financial data offered to us with the idea to display the credit rates in
a fun, simple to understand graphics. We wanted to invite people to actually read the payback
terms by making those terms visual, animated and easy to scroll through.

We’ve decided that the best way to visually walk a client through their 0% interest rate period
is to literally walk them on a timeline. As the little figure keeps moving
on the 45 days schedule, notifications pop up with explanation. In this playful way, clients get to learn all about their credit terms.


Simply #Awesome

Beautiful animations, interactive icons, stunning images, freedom of navigation and playful ways of displaying important information make “The 1” truly THE One. The credit card has enjoyed a tremendous success on the Easter European market. Its landing page’s got something to do with it, we brag.

The credit card has enjoyed a tremendous success on the Easter European market. Its landing page’s got something to do with it, we brag.

Mobile Version
Coming Up Soon

After two years The 1’s landing page does not look outdated and is still going strong. What’s more, the card has had such a huge success that SG recently asked us to develop a mobile version of the page.

Un Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

While most credit cards offer similar terms and conditions, we needed “The 1” to stand out from the crowd. We thought long and hard how to best present product’s commercial information into stunning visuals. While designing the landing page two years ago, we took on a positioning that was very different from other brands in the financial sector. We’ve featured the card as a fashion accessory, with the idea to appear sophisticated and exclusive. We translated our vision into gorgeous images and refined backgrounds. We’ve encompassed the city’s energy, fun living and shopping. We’ve featured the product as the hero, highlighting the stylish design of the card and customized designs. Our vision did not follow SG’s traditional corporate branding, yet fits perfectly with company’s passion for innovation.


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