The Black Ram Whisky

Our Role:

Branding, Graphic Design, User Experience, Project Management, Video Edit, Front and Back-end Development, User Interface Design

Black Ram is a famous aged whiskey blended with golden barley and pristine mountain water. Its splendid taste, saturated colors and strong character make each glass a supreme delight. The brand has an exquisite aroma, but no online presence to match its quality.

A journey of transformation

Black Ram is a unique story of reinventing a brand, repackaging a product, reviving a legend. It’s a journey of transformation from new to superhero, from humble to royalty, from unfamiliar to ruling the market. How did we do it? We’ve gathered our team of designers extraordinaire to conjure some serious digital magic. We’ve poured our hearts into the project to create a stunning vision true to a whiskey star.

The Awards

2014 Awwwards:Site of The Day
2014 CSS Design Awards: Site Ot The Day 
2014 Bulgarian Web Awards: Best Website in the Category Graphic&Design

Innovative Design

Gorgeous visual frames interweave the elements that create Black Ram’s unique flavor.A splash of honey drips from the side of Black Ram’s honey blend.

The saturated colors and strong character of the blend come alive with a dazzling video scroll. You can almost taste its aroma.

blackram Whisky

The Hero


Black Ram’s online space is not just about a beautifully executed design. It’s the combination of art with elements of storytelling that establishes Black Ram’s fascinating world. We wanted to create a perception of a centuries-old whiskey tradition with a bite of mysticism. To achieve our vision, we’ve portrayed the product as the hero: bold, daring and spirited.

Blackram Whisky


After Effects
Responsive Web Design 
Mobile Development 
Social Integrations 
360 Virtual Tour Showroom

Elements of art and storytelling
establish Black Ram’s fascinating world
Blackram Whisky
Blackram Whisky
Blackram Whisky
Blackram Whisky

Wow Effects

Back when this project was first created, the parallax effect we have used scrolling and composing videos frames on top of each other was extremely innovative. It was an inspired touch blended with a serious dose of technology.

We wanted to create a perception rof a centuries-old whiskey tradition with a bite of mysticism
blackram Guitars


2Monthssipping whiskey. For inspiration only
2Visual Artistsdrew the elements of Black Ram’s unique flavor
3Staff Memberstraveled to Black Ram’s distillery in a secret location
5HoursOf video editing
1Chamber of secretsOpens to uncover special promotions

Social Media

The “chamber of secrets” is a hidden room in the website that opens only when Black Ram decides to feature special promotions. Secret codes are distributed via the social network and users flock back to Black Ram’s website to play and uncover special offers. Building interactive games channels the flow of users directly to the source. The engagement and brand awareness is much stronger then promoting offers via social media alone.

We’ve added a touch of adventure with website’s "chamber of secrets"