Agata Photography

The Client

Agata is a family photographer based in London. Originally from Poland, Agata has an international profile and a very open mind. Agata’s vibrant personality, fun stories, and moving photography got us excited from day one. Her lighthearted, bubbly nature motivated us to design the most beautiful photography website in all of England.

Our Role

Branding, Graphic Design, Animation, Script Writing, Camera Operator, Video Edit, Project Management, Front and Back-end Development, User Interface Design

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3Flights to London
200Hoursfront-end programming
2Cats live in Agata’s photo studio
1Little girlnamed Maya
agata Mobile App


Agata’s website is not only beautifully designed, it displays the most advanced Internet technologies. The site has been optimized for speed and performance with Scalable and Modular CSS3 Architecture, Hardware-Accelerated JS/CSS Animations for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and E10+. It’s a real developers’ jewel. We’ve spent over 150 hours perfecting the user experience and cross-browser testing. The site is SEO optimized to perfection. We have coded the back-end as the ultimate marketing machine to make it easy for Agata to be found, to share content and grow her visibility.

Behind the Scenes

We’ve build the website as a journey in Agata’s world. The story takes viewers into Ags’ studio for a behind the scenes photography session. Then we are off to a townhouse, following Ags as she interacts with a family and captures beautiful moments as they unfold. We get to meet Ags’ daughter and learn about documentary photography.

Every page is crafted to tell a story or call to action. The viewers have the opportunity to connect with Agata, experience her art, and follow the photographer in a typical day of her work.

agata Mobile App
agata Mobile App

Stationary Materials

We brought Agata’s branding to life in every newsletter template, box design, letterhead, gift voucher, information leaflet, business card and complementary slips. When you offer a luxury service, elegance needs to follow all the way.

Video Production: We’re Off to London!

As we gathered our initial ideas for the website design, our team quickly decided that the best way to introduce Agata’s art is to let Agata speak for herself. She is such a talented and passionate photographer; we’ve decided to capture her essence on tape. eDesign’s video crew gathered their gear, booked a flight and headed up to London to spend a lovely weekend with our star. Agata was everything we expected and more! Her enthusiasm was so contagious; it made the video sessions a pure pleasure.

The Emotional Connection

Our team is big on the power of emotions. Over 50% of an experience is based on feelings. Most purchasing decisions are shaped by emotional connections, rather then a rational priority. It’s all about capturing hearts and minds of your audience. Making Ags’ personality the driving force behind her brand was the best way to create this emotional connection. How not to love Agata and her world?

agata Mobile App