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2021 Year in Review

2021 was an exciting year for our team, filled with a dynamic schedule of web design projects, online campaigns, and 3D animation work.

We observed an unprecedented scale of interactivity, viral marketing, and consumer-generated content. The marketing data we collect showed us that authenticity is becoming a key ingredient to customer loyalty. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online users crave stories, human connections, and genuine interactions.

We guided the brands we serve into updating their digital presences into true storytelling mode. We also helped them integrate creative ideas and the latest web technologies into their overall marketing strategy.

Our best advice to grow an online presence is to put the spotlight on the human experience. To us, what’s truly important for building a powerful advertising campaign, landing page or website design is a particular mindset. We call it a “data-driven, human-centric approach”. This approach covers three steps- investigating the branding value of a message, establishing the most effective user experience, and blending both into a visual design to wow users.

Being able to collect, analyze and apply user information is real marketing power. With the improvement of retargeting and personalization, we have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal and can apply it in various ways to maximize advertising results. In this article, we answer a few questions about the dos and don’ts of website personalization.

In 2021, we also established eDesign as a leader in the higher education space and helped several community colleges implement their Guided Pathways goals. Has your educational institution adopted the Guided Pathways initiative? If your admissions team is evaluating this national reform, we have some recommendations and experience to share.

Digital marketing offers great opportunities for the higher education sector. At the Annual National Conference of the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR), Vincent Mazza and Candace Smith shared how a simple campaign can increase student enrollment by inviting visiting students to attend your summer classes. 

If you are interested in higher-ed marketing, you might also enjoy reading how we helped a New Jersey community college boost student engagement by 300%. In this article, we share the practical marketing strategies we used to help Raritan Valley Community College increase its student enrollment, reach, and applications.

With the ongoing pandemic, there has never been more uncertainty about how education will transform itself moving forward. Despite the economic challenges, we are bullish on community colleges and the value they provide.

As your digital agency, our goal is to create unique online experiences. To dazzle an audience, we aim to go beyond the pragmatic needs and expectations of the users. We aim to spotlight their passions and personality. What does your audience truly care about? Becoming part of the audience’s culture allows targeting the right channels and developing campaigns that generate results. We follow the 3C’s principles of content, context, and channels.

In 2021, we had the amazing chance to work alongside one of the biggest news agencies in the world and helped AP Content Services redesign their online space. This project was selected as a 2021 Silver Davey Award Winner in the category General-News & Newspaper.

Our collaboration with Blockchain led us to work on a challenging website design. Blockchains stands for some of the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas being developed within the tech space. Our team spent a great deal of energy brainstorming, sketching, and conceptualizing this dynamic design. The website received a 2021 Gold Davey Award in the category: Features-Best Use of Animation/Illustration.

Elaina Duffy, VP of Brand, Blockchains was very kind to share her experience of working with us on Clutch. “We’ve only been up and running for a few weeks, but the compliments from our internal stakeholders have been pouring in, especially from the founder of our company. Many are expressing how happy they are with the new site.”


We were honored to work on a website design for LaserNetUS, a consortium of high-power laser facilities around North America that are advancing the frontiers of laser-science research. We started the project by sketching ideas for the logo shape and brand identity of LaserNetUS. The finished design received strong feedback, comparing the visual identity of LaserNetUS to a scientific icon like NASA.

We also worked on a recruiting landing page for Turner Construction, a fantastic team we love collaborating with. The result is a beautiful online space that features the company’s mission, inclusion mindset, mentors, and projects. We are extremely impressed by our friends at Turner Construction. The team not only creates growth opportunities but also truly cares about its employees and their impact on the world. If you are looking for a job in the construction industry, we highly recommend you to review Turner’s available positions.

We ended the year with a fantastic project for Wimpy Kid, the iconic book series loved by kids around the world. This website design brought a lot of joy to our office. We are grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to animate Wimpy Kid’s iconic characters. Everyone at our office was focused on giving 100% of themselves to create a fun web experience for the kids, parents, and teachers that interact with the site. 

Our team is excited, humbled, and so happy to have received 5 Davey Awards in 2021. We also welcomed our new Director of Digital Marketing, James Gibson. James has a real passion for growth marketing and loves finding smart ways to automate sales and customer engagement. For James, the secret to growth marketing is prioritization.

At eDesign we strive to create emotional and meaningful stories, which in turn become fantastic digital experiences. Clients often do not realize how much research, brainstorming, and sketching go on behind the scenes to create memorable visuals. It’s only in the process of working together that our partners get to see what it takes to bring an idea to life.

Are you looking to redesign your website? Do you need help with your marketing campaigns and SEO? We would be happy to connect with you and learn more about your goals. 

In our quest for excellence, we’re ready to move mountains. We’re not afraid of challenges, and welcome ambitious projects.

To connect with us, just say Our New Jersey website design specialists would be happy to advise you. 

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