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Working Global, Feeling Local.

With the evolution of mobile information and Internet communities, reaching your customers online is a must. You need a web design agency that can navigate your business through the unchartered waters of digital marketing.

By choosing eDesign you are hiring a web studio of international experts that blends interactive website design with the power of digital data conversion.

Being a global agency gives us the opportunity to work with clients on both sides of the pond. You can easily connect with us from any time zone; schedule a conference call, video call, or Skype conversation. Having teams in Europe and the US also means having an office near you and the ability to deliver local support. 

You can count on us almost around the clock. When our European team leaves the office, our New Jersey team takes the lead (and vice versa). Which not only means that projects have the ability to run faster, they are also overseen by an international team of talent.

At the same time, we are a small boutique studio. We work with a handful of clients each year.

Keeping our team under 40 people allows us to focus on quality work. Our goal isn’t to take on as many projects as possible, but invest our expertise in developing award-winning ideas and helping our clients grow their business. We pride ourselves on being a true marketing partner to the brands we serve.

Creativity is another key element of a great digital agency. This is why we look for design talent from across the globe, not just within the zip code of a single office location. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to lift our clients above the crowd. Working on two continents has proven to be a great way to spark ideas and create results.

As we know, positioning in different markets requires a different visual and marketing approach. Our blend of perspectives brings exotic colors to the drawing board. We follow global trends, get inspired by local genius, and co-create fantastic brand stories adapted for your market. Together with our clients, we produce websites that drive customer acquisition, customer retention, and brand love.


As a full 360° agency we master a wide variety of skills. From your logo design and your brand guidebook to creating your campaign strategy, mobile advertising, and eCommerce website- we do it all inhouse. We are a robust team of front/back-end developers, artists, engineers, and business strategists. Here are some of the services we can help you with:

Website Design
Brand Strategy and Positioning
Content Strategy
User Experience
User Interactions
Graphic Design
Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/JS)
Back-end Development (your CMS)
Web Animations
3D Animations
Social Media Content

The evolution of online marketing is about rethinking how we find, engage, and convert customers. Today’s marketing “DNA” takes on brand new skills. Beyond creating artistic designs, a digital agency needs to boost sales and deliver engagement. We are proud to be geared for all.

Websites, digital campaigns, or rocket ships – let’s create an awesome web design together. 

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