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Web Trends 2020

Digital advertising has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The advancement of exciting new technologies in the realm of AR, VR, AI, AMP, ANN is making websites smarter and integrated with machine learning and user interactions.

Online sales are marked by mobile dominance, with over 63% of users accessing the Internet primarily via their phone. It’s more important than ever that all aspects of your digital marketing is responsive and built to fit a small screen. Designing for mobile users means putting the focus on usability and simplicity.

Brands are abandoning traditional stock photos for genuine images that show off their forward-thinking, daring or eccentric personality. We are seeing more custom illustrations than ever before. Visuals are pushing towards the ultimate creativity, by embracing bold color schemes and asymmetrical layouts.

Speed is another powerful attribute to online marketing, coupled with clear and easy to complete calls to actions. The ability to rapidly analyze and act on data is of utmost importance to creating a complete view of the customer experience. Personalization depends on identifying and assisting each user, in real-time and at any scale.

Better ad targeting and audience segmentation are helping us build a clearer picture of potential customers and their behaviors. Armed with big data insights, digital campaigns can greatly boost their performance and ROI.

These are the superpowers of the 2020 web design trends.


Background Video

By now, most websites feature at least one video or a “how-to” explanation. Video is becoming the go-to strategy for both advertising a message and creating a design template. Beautiful moving frames can create an immediate connection with your audience. And informative videos build trust, interest, and endorsement.


3D Visuals

3D graphics are overtaking the design world. From video games and Hollywood movies, 3D graphics are entering the web design realm and becoming a must to get noticed. 3D visuals can enhance interest, create curiosity, and boost engagement. 3D has the power to bring whimsical images to life, draw brand fairy tales, and create a whole new world around your image.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blends computer-generated objects with the real world. AR has the power to change the environment and boost our imagination. The technology keeps advancing its presence over the world. The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about 198 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Over the next few years, many developers and leaders will build and discuss the integration of artificial intelligence with AR and VR. As of May 2019, the user base of AR-supporting mobile devices reached 1.5 billion. Revenue for the industry should hit $75 billion.

Prominent companies are using VR already. American Apparel, Uniqlo, and Lacoste have deployed showrooms and fitting rooms that provide try-before-you-buy options in augmented reality. IKEA customers have access to an app that permits them to point their phones at spaces and see what different products would look like in their own homes.


Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

In web design, we use machine learning to surprise and entertain online users. In a recent project, we created a “draw it yourself” product search. We gave people the ability to draw the shape of a fruit or vegetable they want to order.

To build this application, we are using artificial neural networks (ANN) to identify hand-drawn scribbles. ANN is like a computing system inspired by the human brain. Unlike other technology, which may organize data or crunch numbers, neural networks learn from experience.

By “gamifying” aspects of a web page, we can create a captivating and unique user experience. There’s also a “coolness” effect on creating playful interactions with users.


Instant Emotion Analysis

The instant emotional analysis is a new avenue for our team. How does it work?

Augmented emotional intelligence helps boost digital advertising by predicting human reactions to news, text, images, and video before going to market. Our team partners with EMRAYS. By using EMRAYS’ dynamic set of over 2 billion emotional data points, our team can analyze if a marketing output triggers the right emotional response before even launching a campaign or a website. Instant emotional analyses help us accelerate marketing research and produce our best work.

Our team is big on the power of emotions. We incorporate feelings like excitement, joy, or desire as a driving force behind every campaign. We believe that most purchasing decisions are shaped by emotional impact, rather than a rational priority. For us, it's all about capturing the hearts and minds of your audience. Users love and leave brands based on experiences. Research has proven that emotionally connected customers stay loyal.


Voice User Interface (VUI) and Accessibility

VUI allows users with disabilities to operate a site through voice commands. This is not exactly а design trend, but it is a big topic in the web industry. Brands are looking to accommodate their online advertising and make pages functional and accessible by users with special needs


ChatBots and Push Notifications

As forceful as push notifications can be, they are gaining momentum. For most users push notifications are a big annoyance. As unpleasant as it is to receive unwanted messages, push notifications to have their benefits. They can be designed in a fun way to bring surprise and unexpected entertainment


Custom Drawings and Photography

Stock images just don’t do it anymore. Being a brand is about being unique, owning your image, and putting genuine content into the marketplace. Your audience expects to see your brand size the world according to its personality, individuality, style, and spirit.

Raw, unpolished genuine images have more power than stock images. The same goes for your custom drawings, characters, and graphics. They need to express the tone of voice and convictions of your brand and need to be modeled after your product/service’s individuality. Custom visuals provide a unique way to display your brand identity and make it memorable to visitors.


Stand Out Typography

Web design is being simplified to the core to fit the small screens. This is why copywriting is becoming essential. Brands need to communicate their message and persuade their audience with carefully chosen words. Loud and clear typography can help convey emotions and enforce calls to action.

The use of oversized characters can grab visitors’ attention, make your page memorable, and increase return visits.

In 2020 we encourage brands to be bold, loud, and fearless like never before.


Zigzag Layouts

Asymmetry, twisted design grids, and chaotic design elements are in the spotlight. Designing eye-catching page layouts will be a top trend this year.


Hidden Navigation

Webspace is designed more and more in a way to maximize small screen spaces and focus a visitor’s attention. The tendency is to hide additional information in places users can access only whenever needed. 


3D Parallax

Parallax is a technique that entered web design a good 6-7 years ago. The technique came from videogames. While users scroll a page, the background moves a different speed creating a D3 effect. In 2020 this 3D effect will be real 3D. We have moved on to new ways of stimulating the mind and creating fantastic web illusions and 3D renders to make parallax more exciting than ever before.


Split Content

One screen, one page, one visual, several important messages.

Know Your Audience!

Understanding a person means understanding their context; if you can see the world through their eyes you can predict and serve their needs. Managing the customer’s journey has risen to become a top priority for brand leaders. Brands that put the emphasis on quality content and prioritize their customer journey by offering dynamic and secure experiences have the greatest opportunity to get ahead of the market.

In 2020 aesthetics and technology come together to create vibrant, smart web design experiences and campaigns.
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