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Using Instant Emotion Analysis To Increase Brand Loyalty

This is not science fiction.

Using affective neural models coupled with machine learning helps optimize digital advertising, and maximize the desired outcome.

With artificial intelligence simulation brands can build a deeper sentimental connection with users. This is incredibly valuable. Thanks to insights into emotional behavior, campaigns are bound to perform even better. The result: we can increase brand loyalty and drive profits. 

For this reason, our team has decided to partner with EMRAYS, the pioneer in emotional computing. Using EMRAYS’ technology, we can accurately predict the in-market reaction to digital advertising and increase engagement.


How Does It Work?

Augmented emotional intelligence helps boost digital advertising by predicting human reactions to news, text, images, and video prior to going to market.

Using EMRAYS’ dynamic set of over 2 billion emotional data points, our team can analyze if a marketing output triggers the right emotional response before even launching a campaign or a website. 

Instant emotional analyses help us accelerate marketing research and produce our best work.


The Emotional Connection

Our team is big on the power of emotions. We incorporate feelings like excitement, joy, or desire as a driving force behind every campaign. 

We believe that most purchasing decisions are shaped by emotional impact, rather than a rational priority. For us, it's all about capturing the hearts and minds of your audience.

Users love and leave brands based on experiences. Research has proven that customers that are emotionally connected stay loyal. For brands to manage perceptions, they must understand the emotional context they appear in and act on feelings that are not in line with their corporate values. Using attention maps for your website homepage, brand images and videos gives us unprecedented power to adjust and optimize your campaigns for the best possible result.

Our team is proud to be a leading agency in the US to adopt instant emotional analysis. We believe that experiential advertising and instant emotional intelligence are a part of the future of digital marketing. 

Websites, campaigns, or rocket ships, let's create something #awesome_together.

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