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The Power of 6 Seconds (YouTube Bumper Ads)

Capturing consumers’ attention is always a challenge. Short and intriguing content is key to getting over the hump. So say it in six!

The six-second-bumper ad is a perfect vehicle to deliver brand messages quickly and efficiently.

6 seconds is a very short amount of time to tell your story. Which is great! How come? The 6-seconds rule forces you to keep your communication simple. This means an open canvas for creativity, as cleverness thrives in constraint.

It’s a challenge to effectively re-tell stories in miniature. Here is your chance to come up with a witty, emotional message that contains the core of your offering. Plus, it’s a great way to express your brand’s personality. When you focus on downsizing a message into 6 seconds, the results are often evocative, funny, poignant, and beautiful. 

Brief videos can be used as a teaser for a product launch. They can pique interest and build anticipation for an upcoming event. In the long run, Bumper ads can create an engagement funnel that starts with a 6-seconds intriguing message followed by a full-blown digital campaign.

While 6-second ads are short on time, they're long on impact. Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns this year and found that 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in ad recall. What’s more, the audience targeted in 6-second ads can be leveraged across the top social channels for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram or integrated into a grander media strategy.


How to Create Your Campaign?

  1. Audience Segmentation

Before working on any campaign, it’s mandatory that you segment your target audience. 

Let’s take an example: Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) is an accredited two-year public community college located in New Jersey. RVCC’s Video Campaign includes the following audiences: 

Age Under 25
Age 18 – 24, all gender, with target interests in post-secondary education, music, social media, fast food, and games.

Age 35 - 54, all gender, is a parent, with interests in post-secondary education.

Career Training
Age 18-34, all gender, with interests in career training, certification programs, trades, cosmetology/aesthetics, auto tech, HVAC, advanced manufacturing.


  1. Copywriting

Determine your key message and call to action. What is the essence of your story?

In the example of RVCC, we defined the core message to be “choose wisely”, and the call to action “apply now”.


  1. Visual Ideas

Now comes the fun part- visualizing your core message into action. With RVCC in mind, we brainstormed a storyboard. Essentially, we are trying to convey that RVCC offers a full college experience without the heavy associated debt of a 4-year college. RVCC offers high quality and affordable education.  

Here’s the campaign that was created for the school:


  1. Place Paid Advertising with YouTube

All you need next is to set up the campaign through your Google ads account.

Bumper ads use target CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding. You pay each time your ad is shown 1,000 times. 

According to research, action-packed bumper ads are associated with higher Ad Recall and Brand Awareness. Here are a few short stories to get inspired by: 


To unlock the power of 6-second video storytelling just say

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