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In today's marketing landscape, FOCUS is everything. Every door opens to companies that can capture user attention. Whether visitors, friends, followers, views, clicks, or likes, these metrics quantify attention. If your website does not attract and retain users, if your blog fails to provoke, if your content isn't helpful, or if you fail to captivate your audience, your business is at risk.

For brands navigating the marketing noise, here are four essential rules to fuel advertising efforts.

Transform Your Company's Persona

Consumers have gradually become immune to external influences and traditional mass marketing tactics.

Our recommendation is to prioritize authentic branding communication and build high-quality content. When we say "quality," we're referring to human-centered, heartfelt, and honest content. Today's audiences anticipate brands to sound authentic, intimate, and less polished. The objective is to cultivate a closer connection with your audience and deliver a unique experience distinct from conventional advertising methods.

To help you accomplish this, you require exceptional branding, tailored photography, and video advertising.

Visual Branding
Stock photography is no longer enough when building brand awareness. Tailored images are far more likely to captivate audiences and drive sales, especially when aligned with your target demographic. Your photographs should capture the essence and character of your business, evoke desire, and inspire your audience. Image storytelling has the remarkable ability to spark imagination, mold perceptions, and forge emotional connections.

The equation is simple: powerful visuals + embedded emotions = engagement.

Our advice: think of custom imagery like dressing your store’s windows. Passersby should halt in their tracks, take notice, and think, "Wow!"

Video Marketing
It's widely recognized that video has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising, boasting the highest return on investment online. Video content can uniquely trigger emotions through a blend of factors such as tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, and music. It fosters trust, sparks curiosity, and delivers entertainment value.

Do the types of brand videos you produce matter? 

To effectively convey your message, ensure your information is presented precisely, seamlessly, and visually appealingly. Storytelling and explainer videos serve as excellent tools for promoting products and services. Keep them short and entertaining to maximize impact.

The Art of Narrative

What is the secret behind Geico's remarkable success? While their repeated slogan undoubtedly wields persuasive power, Geico's ability to entertain a vast audience with diverse stories under the same corporate umbrella plays a pivotal role.

Marketing is no longer about the products you offer; it’s about the stories you tell. It’s about fostering engagement and crafting memorable customer experiences. At the heart of online marketing lies the concept of meaning. And meaningful content is akin to embarking on an adventure.

While most brands understand the impact of high-quality content, they often need help to devise a cohesive strategy across various marketing platforms. Rather than trying to appeal to every demographic or interest, a brand should concentrate on its target demographic and audience. There's no one-size-fits-all solution; instead, defining your niche market and adopting a focused approach is crucial.

In digital advertising, storytelling extends to presenting product information in a way that piques curiosity. If you're struggling to craft a narrative, consider breaking down the various facets of your product or service into "chapters," following a storytelling trajectory. For instance, Chapter 1 might introduce the fantasy shape of your product, while Chapter 2 showcases available colors. Chapter 3 highlights its lightweight design, chapter 4 unveils its eco-friendly attributes, and Chapter 5 reveals its ability to perfect toast bread. This approach allows information to unfold progressively in an engaging scroll through your website.

E-Commerce Marketing
So many online stores offer identical products at similar prices, presented in comparable ways. Therefore, if you're contemplating launching an e-store in 2024, it's essential to consider differentiating yourself. 

An effective strategy is to distinguish your brand by articulating the values embodied in your products and the problems they solve. Curate items that aren't widely mass-produced, fostering a sense of exclusivity. Foster deep emotional bonds with your audience. E-commerce presents a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to outshine larger chains.

Take, for instance, Brikflielder. This is different from your typical online store. Here, we've prioritized storytelling and creating an immersive product experience.

Maximizing your Online Presence

Envision your website as the primary stage for your online communication. This must be emphasized more. 

While social media channels offer excellent opportunities to engage with fans, they are governed by ever-changing rules beyond your influence (in the past three years alone, Facebook has altered its social regulations at least 15 times). Moreover, all social platforms aim to monetize user interactions, which can undermine your promotional endeavors. Building a fan base on Facebook primarily benefits Facebook, not your business.

What's the solution? Channel your social media communication back to your corporate hub.

Integrate Social Media 
To unify your online presence, incorporate social media directly into your website. Redirect social conversations to your domain or initiate discussions from your blog using social media applications. This ensures users can engage with your brand without ever leaving your platform.

Customize Your Messaging
Previously, brands conveyed the same message across all marketing channels—print, TV, radio, outdoor advertising, and corporate websites. This uniform approach aimed to reach diverse audiences with identical messaging.

However, with the rise of daily interactions, replicating mass messaging is no longer feasible. Many followers maintain multiple social profiles, and broadcasting the same content across all platforms can lead to monotony and decreased interest.

To engage, a brand needs to be original but also learn to speak the language of the social media from which it’s broadcasting. Your brand should speak differently depending on the platform, as we employ different languages and tones in various social settings. Your audience anticipates a tailored communication style based on where they encounter your brand.

Embrace Mobile in Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy must incorporate mobile advertising. It's more than just adjusting your campaign layout for mobile devices; it's about recognizing your audience's mobility. Your advertising endeavors should account for various screen resolutions and the fact that your followers are often on the move.

This shift dramatically alters how brands approach digital advertising. Utilizing technology to track followers and offer instant discounts when they're near a point of sale is just one example of how marketing is evolving.

Websites, campaigns, or rocket ships, let's create something extraordinary together. Email or call us to schedule an introduction. 

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