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Combining Web Design Excellence with Dynamic Marketing Strategies

The synergy between web design and marketing is critical to building a solid brand and engaging consumers. By incorporating marketing strategies into your website, we ensure that your brand delivers consistent and impactful interactions at every touchpoint. Here's how our team navigates this convergence.

Implementing SEO strategies during your website redesign is crucial for long-term success. By incorporating SEO practices early on, you can tailor pages to enhance your site's visibility in search results. 

Some keywords need their own page dedicated to a topic to rank best in search results. Conducting keyword research before building a sitemap allows for developing pages that target specific and relevant issues. This will ensure your site gains visibility for the phrases your target audience is searching for. We implement this proactive approach to uncover valuable opportunities for page creation that our clients may have overlooked.

Optimizing the form-filling process and incorporating chatbots or AI chat functionalities is also essential for sites where analytics and data capture are crucial. Additionally, integrating technologies like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or other cookieless data tracking tools can significantly enhance your ability to track ROI and measure effectiveness.

Advertising Campaigns
For those considering or already employing advertising and PPC campaigns, building landing pages that seamlessly complement the user journey from ad to site is essential. This approach not only grows engagement but also boosts conversions and enhances the overall effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

Our design team is adept at creating various visual assets, ranging from ad layouts and brand images to 3D animations and multimedia content. Subsequently, we develop a marketing strategy that utilizes these assets to shape multi-channel advertising campaigns tailored to resonate with your target audience and drive sales.

We've established our own animation and video production division to pursue excellence. eDesign’s dedicated in-house team manages the entire process, from storyboard creation to 3D animations, illustration videos, and dynamic motion graphics. This creative method strengthens your web design journey from start to finish.

In this example, we produced an animated video for the Passaic County Community College (PCCC) open house event.

UX and UI Design
As mobile phones have become the predominant device for online browsing, accounting for half of the global web traffic, your website must be optimized for smaller screens and tailored to meet users' needs on the move. 

Specializing in designing user-friendly and visually surprising interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and digital platforms, our UX and UI teams excel in their craft. Our proficiency lies in driving conversions and effectively conveying your brand message.

From site planning to wireframing, our team focused on building an immersive online interface for Turner Construction, a renowned construction leader. Explore this case study to discover how we customized Turner’s design methodology to ensure each audience can easily access the content and web features most relevant to their needs.

Brand Identity
Our graphic designers collaborate closely with our marketing team to develop or refresh a company logo or your entire brand identity. Every aspect, from symbols to color palettes, typography, and visual elements, reflects your brand essence and ensures consistent recognition across all channels.

Crafting a captivating brand identity is the cornerstone of the best digital media campaigns. Our marketers leverage these visual assets to communicate key brand messages, showcase product features, and differentiate your offerings from competitors.

We poured our hearts into delivering a remarkable brand identity and website design for Sekure, a merchant service company. Curious to see the behind-the-scenes magic?

Dive into the case study and discover the creative process that brought this design to life.

Content Creation
If content marketing or blogging is part of your current or future site strategy, it's essential to consider the design of your blog and how to maximize the traffic it generates. Incorporate elements such as newsletter subscriptions, content downloads, and other form-filling/capture activities that encourage users to share their information, enabling you to maintain ongoing communication with them.

In alignment with Google's thinking that "good content is good content," our writers and marketing strategists collaborate closely with our designers. We focus on creating exciting articles for our clients, complimented by infographics, videos, and social media animations. These assets are then promoted to deliver information to consumers, fostering brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey (OINJ) sought assistance in enhancing its presence and recognition in previously untapped counties within New Jersey. In a fiercely competitive healthcare sector, our main objective was to position OINJ as a leader, capitalizing on its vast orthopedic expertise. To achieve this, we implemented a robust content marketing strategy tailored to the practice's needs. Our efforts yielded remarkable results and a 326% surge in web traffic

Digital Content Marketing for Orthopedics

The significance of organic traffic cannot be overstated. It frees up resources that would otherwise be allocated to paid media and cultivates substantial brand visibility and recognition.

The synergy between web design and digital advertising is why eDesign Interactive extends its skills beyond web development. By building or refreshing your brand identity, we can elevate your company's visibility. By blending web visuals with insightful marketing data, our digital experts create pages that captivate and convert. This can empower your brand to engage its audience and grow its bottom line through tangible results.

For help with digital advertising, content marketing, or your next social media campaign, email us at Our digital marketing experts in New Jersey would be happy to connect and discuss your business goals.

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