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We Are Listed Among the Best Web Design Agencies of 2016

Our entire team is so proud to announce that eDesign Interactive is among the best agencies in the world in 2016! 

And what a year, indeed! With 10 Gold and 3 Silver awards from industry experts like AWWWARDS, CSS Design Awards, Lovie Awards, W3 Awards, Davey Awards, a Webby nomination, and "CSS Agency/Designer of the year” nomination, 2016 was an exciting year for our team. Our digital powers were put to the test and we feel we have grown into a stronger team.

Every project we build opens our horizons on implementing new technologies, envisioning new ideas, developing new designs, and user experiences. In every step ahead, we strive to push digital marketing to new limits and bring higher ROI to our clients

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Some of the projects we are especially proud of: 

Agata Photography, a picture portfolio showcasing a talented British portrait photographer. The website speaks to London families that want to capture those special moments of a newborn baby or fun family interaction. 

Villa Yambol Winery is a 90 years old winery with outstanding winemaking traditions. The website is built as an elegant wine portfolio. Beautiful imagery takes wine lovers and business partners right into the lush hills of the producer and shows the insides of the production process and history of the brand.

Exeron, the complexity of this website would impress the most cutting-edge web developers. The amount of research and creative ideas that went into this project are not for the faint of hearts. Planning for Exeron was like planning and executing an expedition to Mount Everest. But boy, the pride you feel when you outperform your client’s goals. 250 hand-drawn graphics, 300 hours of coding, 100 hours of web animations, 270 hours of video animations It was all worth the effort.

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