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Best Website Designs 2010-2016

WOW! Our work has been published in the special edition book “CSS Design Awards GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 – 2016”. This is a unique curated collection of award-winning websites by the world’s leading agencies. eDesign Interactive is honored to be selected among the most creative trends of 2010-2016! CSS Design Awards is showcasing 9 of our best website designs.  

In a recent interview our Creative Director, George Kostov, was asked: “What does it mean to you to be recognized as a leading web design agency?"

His answer was humble but true: “Being recognized as a leading digital agency is something our entire team aspires to become. We love to learn, grow, and expand our imagination. Every project is a chance to put our creative powers to the test and achieve our clients’ goals.”

The entire team at eDesign is truly honored for any recognition we get. It keeps our energy and focus high.

Let’s create something awesome_together. For more information, you can reach us at (973) 867-7042 or say

We Are Listed Among the Best Web Design Agencies of 2016
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