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How to Target, Engage, and Convert Visiting Students

We would like to thank the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) for our inclusion to present at the annual National Conference this year. If you are not familiar with NCMPR, the organization represents the marketing and public relations professionals at community and technical colleges in the US. 

In our presentation, Vincent Mazza and Candace Smith talked about ways to target and engage visiting students, an often overlooked but important audience for community colleges.

Digital marketing offers great opportunities for the higher education sector. In the video presentation below, we share how a simple, micro-omni channel campaign boosted enrollment numbers by converting visiting students looking to attend a summer class at a New Jersey Community College.

If you are interested in higher-ed marketing or increasing spring or fall enrollment numbers at your institution, you might also enjoy reading how we helped a New Jersey community college increase student engagement by 300%. In this article, we share the practical marketing strategies we used to help Raritan Valley Community College increase its student engagement, reach, and applications.

With the ongoing pandemic, there has never been more uncertainty about how education will transform itself moving forward. Despite the economic challenges, we are bullish on community colleges doing well this year for the value they provide. People are less willing to travel and more cautious about spending, and so local community colleges should take advantage of the opportunity to enroll more students looking for these value-based experiences and quality education options.

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