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LaserNetUs Website Launch

We are excited to announce the website launch of LaserNetUs.

LaserNetUS is a consortium of high-power laser facilities around North America that are advancing the frontiers of laser-science research. The consortium manages proposals from doctors, scientists, and researchers who require access to this cutting-edge technology. The network is being developed to become a key element in the high field/high energy density plasma science.

One of the most mind-blowing applications of high-intensity lasers is to further the research in fusion reaction. Harnessing quantum-enhanced fusion can lead to generating limitless clean energy for our planet. We are so proud the consortium chose to work with eDesign on branding this fantastic mission.

We started the project by sketching ideas for the logo shape and brand identity of LaserNetUs. The consortium needed a modern and clean symbol that stands out. We developed the idea of a beam ending in a burst of light, integrated in a hexagon. The hexagon represents a naturally forming shape in nature, and with the burst, this mark embodies the key identifying elements of the brand’s core values: scientific breakthrough, powerful state-of-the-art technology, access, and collaboration between research and industry.

We also defined the company’s brand guidelines and brand book. The finished design received strong feedback, comparing the visual identity of LaserNetUS to a scientific icon like NASA.

The website redesign required a deep discovery phase, beginning with interviews of key representatives from each laser facility across North America. The challenge here was organizing the available content into a clear and usable site architecture. For example, we created an interactive map to help users locate a facility, while at the same time being able to click on each lab to review the technical capabilities and instruments of their laser.

The homepage is dynamic and eye-catching. The design aims to highlight the innovative nature of high-intensity laser technology. It was a team effort to organize the vision and mission of the consortium into a design layout that is functional, but also visually stimulating. Several lead designers took turns driving the project, while our front-end and back-end developers worked in parallel to speed up the development process. We are proud to say that the CMS of the site is not only intuitive and easy to use, the CMS is built on the latest CakePHP frameworks, making content administration fast and easy.

LaserNetUS encourages students, researchers, and established scientists from diverse backgrounds to receive free access to the consortium’s wide range of capabilities. The submission guidelines and proposal process are a key component of the website and are something the site can dial-up or dial-down depending on the deadline and schedule each year.

The website also provides LaserNetUS with the ability to publish news, articles, publications, and awarded experiments via the robust resources section. Scientists can easily browse a large library of content curated from each facility.

Have a look at LaserNetUS’s new website design.
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