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AP Content Services: Website Launch

Our team is excited to announce the website launch of AP Content Services!

AP Content Services is the dedicated content marketing and advertising division of The Associated Press (AP). This team crafts custom storytelling projects and distributes them globally via AP's media channels. What’s more, AP Content Services offers full production support from over 30 major cities worldwide, allowing companies to report from their studios with an all-inclusive setup.

We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work on this exciting project.

Our role incorporated all aspects of eDesign’s discover, define, design, and deliver process. We helped AP Content Services identify the key areas for their new website, including the selection of the optimal sub-domain URL. The website is not only modern and stylish, it’s also functional, easy to operate and compliant, with integrated third-party software tools like Salesforce, WordPress, and OneTrust. Smart call-to-actions let users quickly get in touch or reach out for a quote across any product and service offered.

It was a bit of a challenge to execute AP’s specific print rules and style guidelines into an interactive experience while maintaining a responsive and dynamic layout for various screen sizes, but we are proud to share the results of our work.

Have a look at the new AP Content Services website.

For more information, our web development case study is coming up soon.

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