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2018 Best In Show!

Our team is very excited and proud to announce that eDesign received … (drumroll please) … 5 Davey Awards this year! We couldn’t be more happy and honored by the recognition.

The Annual International Davey Awards are the largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the “Davids” of creativity. The competition honors the work of the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than big budgets.

The Daveys are sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms.

And here are our awarded website designs:


EXERON- Off-Grid Solution- Gold Davey Award Winner for Best Website Design

Category: Energy
Client: International Power Supply

The web design of EXERON was a meticulous project. Our designers drew an animated over 250 images by hand. We’ve created an entire power plant to allow the end-user to visualize and test EXERON in different environments.

The effort was very ambitious and we’ve worked long hours. The results are fantastic.
Have a look at the website CASE STUDY.



MENADA - Silver Davey Award Winner for Best Website Design

Category: Websites-Food & Beverage
Client: Menada Winery

Not the typical website design for a winery. Menada has a stylish look and unconventional backgrounds. Here, elegant lines blend with a hip feeling.

We’ve tried to capture the personality of the brand: exceptional quality and old traditions mixed with a vivid identity. Take a walk around the domain. You will discover a special cellar, founded back in 1901. 
Have a look at the website CASE STUDY

GUMMI FUNMIX™- Silver Davey Award Winner for Best Website Design

Category: Consumer Products/Services
Client: The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc

This is a fun landing page, designed for Promotion In Motion Companies’ (PIM) new confection line: Gummi FunMix. Our goal here was to create e a fun party atmosphere and increase consumer’s awareness. The page is built with colors, shapes, and animated gummi pieces. Welcome to the vibrant world of Gummi FunMixTM!

FROST KING HOUSE - Silver Davey Award Winner for Best Mobile Web Design

Category: Mobile Apps/Sites-Services
Client: Frost King

The Frost King House opens only on a mobile phone. It’s a fun application to find home repair solutions. Each floor of the house is packed with problematic areas and products that can help in any situation. Winter is coming soon, have a look at all the wonderful winterization tools and home improvement options inside Frost King’s house.
Have a look at the website CASE STUDY

MENADA - Silver Davey Award Winner for Best Website Design

Category: Best Home Page
Client: Menada Winery

A second award for Menada Winery. Oh my! This time, a special appreciation is given to website’s home page. The home page was created as a blend of moving elements, video backgrounds, cinemagraphs and beautiful lines. Earthy photographs of grapes merge with flowing cinemagraphs, giving Menada’s image a fashionable edge.


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