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How To Optimize Your Website For Google RankBrain

Google is now using a machine-learning artificial intelligence technology, called RankBrain, to help filter through millions of search results. The algorithm evaluates search queries in “real-time” and presents the most relevant findings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Said simply, RankBrain helps with ranking your website online.

To get ahead in SEO results, companies should know the following.


What is machine learning?

Machine learning enables a computer to learn and improve based on its own experience without human intervention. In the case of Google, RankBrain is helping search bots understand the human language. For example, if you misspell a word, the Google search box will automatically interpret your search. Instead of searching for data based on your typo, it will look for web information related to the world it knows to be true.


How does RankBrain work?

RankBrain is the third most important ranking signal, part of Hummingbird (Google’ search engine algorithm). RankBrain understands what someone is searching for and has the capacity to suggest different interpretations of accurate information.

RankBrain is transforming human language into mathematical entities that a computer can understand. It sees patterns between complex searches and perceives how they correlate. For example, it differentiates between languages and can decipher multi-word queries.

If Rankbrain is asked for a search it is not familiar with, it can make a guess of the words or phrases with a similar meaning and filter the results. While in the past Google could find results only based on the exact words, today you could Google “gymnast girl Olympics 2017” to find information about Simone Biles. 


How does RankBrain impact your SEO efforts?

Can you optimize for RankBrain? No. At least according to Google. RankBrain is too dynamic to grasp, however, you can still boost your website to the top results by respecting certain guidelines. 

RankBrain is almost as smart as a human, hence genuine content is more important than ever.

Keywords stuffing is done and over. To rank high, a website needs to display interesting copywriting, fresh content, and relevant information written for targeted users.

What do human beings want from the Internet? Relevant content that is fresh and easily accessible. Treat RankBrain as a human being. If your website can provide the best answer for a specific search, RankBrain will push you to the top of the list. So it is important to understand what users want from you and what keywords and sentences they are Googling to find what you offer. 

Also, do not neglect the technical aspect of your web information. Use low file size pictures and documents. Create a mobile-friendly version of your site. Choose clear page architecture. Add relevant keywords, title tags, H1-tags, and meta descriptions. And optimize your loading speed.

Not to forget that since the beginning of this year, Google is favoring HTTPS websites, especially when it comes to eCommerce platforms.

To build the perfect website catered to your audience and Google, say We would love to get to know you and establish the best strategy to reach your business goals.


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