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How to Improve and Maintain Google Rankings

Ranking your website among the first 10 search results on Google is extremely important. Most people tend to refine their web search rather than go past the first page of suggested links. You need to make sure your site appears on this first page.

How to rank high on Google? The best way to rank your website is to focus on users. SEO boils down to producing quality content and aligning your products with the way users are searching online. The old keyword-centric SEO strategy is outdated and needs to be replaced by a “consumer-centric” approach.

At the core of SEO are your Core Web Vitals: page lading time, website speed, mobile responsiveness, and visual stability.

Let’s take an example.

Meet OINJ, The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey. Our team is proud to partner with OINJ and be their digital agency of record. OINJ’s board of certified physicians reached out to eDesign for help with their website redesign and SEO strategy.

This is how we helped OINJ expand their digital footprint and become an authority in New Jersey.


We started by redesigning OINJ’s existing website. The key pain points were centered on the company’s outdated look. In addition, OINJ’s content did not appear in search results.

To boost OINJ’s branding and SEO, we built a brand new user experience with multiple pathways of navigation. We considered different ways of displaying orthopedics content divided by body parts, doctors, services, and locations. The new composition is people-focused and shows all the capabilities of OINJ, from sports medicine to knee reconstruction and surgery.

The result is a modern, clean, and elegant site containing beautiful graphics and genuine photography. It’s also a website that loads quickly and is responsive to any device’s screen size. All of these web metrics capture important user-centric outcomes, also known as "Core Web Vitals".


To rank in Google search, your website content must build trust. Google is looking for professional websites that can show expertise in a given field.

The information you provide must be relevant, genuine, and complete. Google’s algorithm is looking for thought leadership and websites that fully answer a user’s query. Websites that seem incomplete or not thorough enough may not get ranked.

In the case of OINJ, we decided to create additional web pages of orthopedic knowledge and helpful information. The content is built to advise users and to assist them in answering their questions.

From a search engine's perspective, it’s important to make it easy for users to find the information they need. This is why, in the case of OINJ, we have categorized the website by “body parts”, “doctors”, “services”, and “locations”, making content readily available.

We paid special attention to headlines. Headlines are extremely important not only for Google ranking and SEO but to your overall user experience. Your titles summarize your offerings and should be simplified to the core. Also, fitting headlines to mobile resolution is a must.

The orthopedics site is optimized with clear and direct titles, helpful section headers, descriptive file names, and alt tags for images, all within an easy-to-understand site hierarchy.

OINJ is now the proud owner of a beautiful website, designed to help users find the information they need. The website is referenced by Google and is prominent in search engine results for users in the New Jersey area. We are proud to say that the web design won a Silver W3 Award in 2019 in the category of Healthcare Websites.

Because Google is constantly implementing algorithm changes (about 3,200 uprates a year!), you can’t expect your rankings today to be the same tomorrow. Your SEO tactics can never sit idle.

If you need help with your SEO strategy or need a UX boost, just say We would be happy to review your online presence and advice on your marketing strategy.

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