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A Romantic Wine Affaire and CSS Design Award for Winery Yambol

We are so excited to announce that Villa Yambol just became a CSS Design Award Site of the Day (SOTD)!

We’ve aimed at creating a charming website that embodies the spirit of the winery. The design accentuates the earthy colors of the Yambol Valley and elegant graphics. Villa Yambol was built as an immersive experience that captivates any audience. Wine lovers and non-wine lovers will both appreciate a stroll along the lush vineyards. The web users are shown interesting details of the winemaking process and beautiful images of grapes soaked in sunrays. The website is elegant and captivating. An almost romantic affair between the viewer and the brand. 

eDesign is thrilled to be recognized by CSS Design Awards. CSS features the most interesting website design trends and the most brilliant digital creatives around the world. Our team is honored to be among the top digital agencies selected this month.

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