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Hardie's Fresh Foods

Our team is so excited to announce that a fantastic website design is in the making. A big welcome to Hardie’s as our newest client!

Hardie's Fresh Foods Co. has a rich history in the fresh produce business. The company has been providing farm-fresh fruits and veggies to chefs and retailers since 1943!

Hardie’s Fresh Foods is a family-owned business, making daily deliveries throughout Texas. For 75 years, Hardie’s has grown to four distribution centers, a fleet of more than 150 trucks, and 163,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space across Texas. 

We look forward to designing a new look for Hardie's website. The design will accentuate on the company’s values, history, commitment to quality, and freshness. Hardie’s is a productive, innovative, genuine, and fun company. We intend for those qualities to transpire in their website design.

We cannot wait to start working with a brand committed to so much goodness. Ideas are already swirling for custom animations and visuals for this project.

We’re rolling up our sleeves. Setting up the drawing boards. Stay tuned! This is a web design you won’t want to miss.

Cheers to joy and farm-fresh produce. Let’s rock!

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