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Exciting news.

The new logo of EightCap proudly decorates the nose of Ferrari’s Formula 1 fleet of race cars for the 2019 season. Vroom, vroom.

Our client, EightCap, is an Official Supplier of Scuderia F1 force; and we are very excited to stand alongside their team. 

As a short introduction, EightCap is an online financial trading company based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm provides access to the global financial markets through their award-winning trading platform and mobile apps, supported with competitive pricing, sophisticated charting and superior execution technology.

EightCap’s new logo is an uplift of the original brand label. We’ve styled a unique font and articulated darker hues in brand’s corporate colors.



Have you seen the 2019 Ferrari Formula 1 car yet? Just like EightCap, it’s a jewel of technology and sophistication. 

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