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New Website for Wimpy Kid

We are excited to announce the website launch of Wimpy Kid!

Have you heard of Wimpy Kid? This iconic book series has been translated into 66 languages and is loved by kids around the world.

The brand team at Wimpy Kid, led by Shaelyn and Vanessa, was a real pleasure to work with. They trusted us to create a fun and playful website in anticipation of Wimpy Kid’s first animated film, coming out on Disney plus.

The design process was a real partnership and a true collaboration. It was so interesting for us to get to know Jeff Kinney, the author and illustrator of the book. He even rolled up his sleeves and began sketching ideas with us. As part of our research, we followed Shaelyn and Vanessa on a virtual tour of the brand’s on-site bookstore and playful office space.

Our Senior Designer, Ina, immersed herself in reading the books, outlining visuals, and getting inspired by the characters, while our Creative Director, George, added heartwarming and fun details that really made the page stand out.

We created a theme for the website built around the iconic piece of cheese on the school’s playground. It’s the cheesiest website around, that is not only informational but also really fun and memorable.

Under a very tight deadline, Petya, our Lead Project Manager, coordinated our teams to work harmoniously. George brought the website to life through fun movement and cheeky animations, while Dido worked in the background on the back-end development code.

This project brought a lot of joy to our office. We are grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to animate Wimpy Kid’s iconic characters. Everyone was focused on giving 100% of themselves to create a fun web experience for the kids, parents, and teachers that interact with the site.

On the very first design round, the author, Jeff Kinney, was very impressed and said that our work is outstanding. This was a huge compliment for our team. We truly believe that when a project is done with passion, it shows up in every pixel.

The short deadline did not allow us to launch the entire site, and so we phased the development in a smart way. In phase one, we focused on fun visuals and the ability to drive people to purchase the books. In phase two, the website is going to become even more interactive, welcoming kids to come back to the page for games and other downloadables.

Our team is extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with Wimpy Kid. We love supporting fantastic projects that carry so much positive energy, passion, and happiness.

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