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New Landing Page for SundaySky

We are excited to share the creative work we've designed for our client SundaySky!

SundaySky pioneered a powerful Video Experience Platform. The software enables brands to deliver video-powered experiences and drive breakthrough outcomes at moments of consequence across customer journeys.

The platform is designed to transform CX and unlock the future of digital business. With SundaySky, the engagement “magic” happens by combining the power of sight, sound, motion, and data. SundaySky is an Adobe Exchange Partner. For the upcoming Adobe Summit, the team needed a minimalistic, yet elegant landing page that summarizes their integrations with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP).

The concept we've created tells SundaySky’s story in a visual but abstract manner. We used plasticine to represent the building blocks of smart personalized video experiences. All 3D animations are custom and are metaphors to how easy modeling and digital transformation can be. The shapes and sizes are stacked in various configurations and are perfectly balanced. Balancing is a visualization for the effortless use of the platform, allowing brands who adopt AEP to easily create more engaging customer experiences.

What can be considered a complex, technical software solution becomes a child’s play! Visitors learn instantly about the capabilities of SundaySky and how to take advantage of the platform. 

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences, and SundaySky is supporting these efforts with video personalization technology and services. The company is delivering break-through outcomes for brands, and it will be exciting to see what they do next. 

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