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Miro’s latest fun project made lots of noise online. Pun intended. 

The work was published in Fubiz, one of the largest online design magazines in France that delivers the latest news about Creativity, Inspiration and Pop Culture.

Our Art Director, Miro Dimitrov, has created a wonderful new 3D collection called “Kukeri”. Kukeri is one of the oldest and most fascinating Balkan traditions. The Kukeri dance occurs every New Year. The dancers wear monster costumes, wooden animal masks, and carry large bells attached to the belts. They move in unusual rhythmic steps. The dancers are scary, even terrifying. Their job is to be noisy and chase away the bad spirits. They fill the air with the sounds of their bells and whisper blessings for prosperity.

Miro’s 3D animations are frightening, yet also super cool. His vision has brought to life not only an ancient tradition but also the authentic dance movement and fluidity. Look at the way the light moves around the figures. It’s an impressive work of art.

Miro’s 3D collection was also featured on the homepage of different publications. You can see the full collection on Behance and Instagram.

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