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eDesign Is an Experience Design Agency. Discover What Sets Us Apart

For a web design or digital campaign to feel genuinely magical, crafting an entire design experience around it is essential. This entails a holistic approach to creating meaningful and enjoyable interactions between users and a brand. Understanding our client's audiences' needs, preferences, and behaviors is paramount in this process. 

In our design projects, we meticulously consider every touchpoint of the user journey, from the initial discovery phase to post-purchase interactions. A focus on emotional engagement drives design decisions. Our team utilizes storytelling, visual aesthetics, and interactive features to establish spontaneous user connections. This audience-centric approach ensures that the final product exceeds fans’ expectations and enhances their overall experience.

Branding also plays a significant role in this process. While our clients ultimately believe in determining what views align with their mission, we consider it our duty to put forward concepts that suit a brand's present state and envision ideas that resonate with how the brand could evolve in the future.

In our work, we encounter challenges with clients who impose strict limitations on creativity, insisting on conformity with industry norms and competitors' designs. This restrictive approach stifles our ability to innovate and deliver bold ideas that push boundaries.

While many clients appreciate and specifically engage us for our creativity, sometimes they feel uneasy when we present ideas that push the envelope. However, embracing daring concepts, or at least suggesting and discussing them with our clients, is fundamental to our approach at eDesign. We firmly believe in challenging conventional thinking to achieve exceptional results.

Expect to be nudged outside your comfort zone when collaborating with our team. The "e" in eDesign stands for “experience.” We pride ourselves on thinking beyond website design to craft comprehensive customer journeys.

In a recent project, we were tasked with rebranding a merchant services company, which involved creating a new logo, brand guidelines, and website. Traditionally, merchant providers present their offerings in a highly industry-focused way. To set Sekure apart, we thoroughly analyzed the competitive landscape and formulated a fresh identity centered around the theme of "no worries." We integrated the hummingbird into the narrative to symbolize optimism, representing the end of stressful times. 

Introducing new iconography inspired by nature, trust, and simplicity was an original approach. However, it successfully positioned the company as a leader in their field.

If you choose to collaborate with our team, trust us to unleash our design magic by exploring unconventional concepts. This is precisely why you've enlisted our services.

Share your upcoming projects and goals with us by emailing Our team of web design experts in New Jersey would be happy to arrange an introductory conversation. 

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