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A Briefing on Corporate Branding

Deciding the name, color palette, iconography, and overall style of a business takes a particular set of skills. Branding is about creativity, but it’s also about smarts. The process requires time, research, and ideas!

This blog post highlights several branding projects eDesign has produced. We hope the examples give you insights into our team’s creative thinking, methodology, and visual ideas.

Naming a Company 

SKYF approached us to help them find a new name and brand identity. The company has created a unique drone that can lift up to 551.156 pounds (250kg) of cargo and transport it for 8 hours over a distance of 249 miles (400km). This is unheard of in the drone industry!

Our team was very excited to be part of the project despite an extremely tight deadline. We had 4 weeks to find a brand name and create a visual identity for this amazing new technology. We mobilized our entire team.

The research process began from the ground up. It was a highly collaborative process. SKYF’s management did a great job answering several brand identity questionnaires so we can grasp the culture, purpose, and aspirations of their business. In parallel, we did market research and a competition study to evaluate the industry.

Naming a company is extremely important as it sets the business tone going forward. Following several brainstorming sessions with our copywriting team, a list of names was formed.

SKYF picked “Braeron”. The name was suggested by a former space engineer who joined our team for this project.  Braeron is a made-up name that reminds of other tech giants (like Raytheon or Boeing).

From a language standpoint, there is boldness to the “B” sound, especially in combination with “r” (ex: “brick”, “brawn”, “brash”, “bravo”). Names starting with “B” sound confident.

Once we had the name, we moved on to the logo design.

We experimented with 3D visuals that can be mounted on the drone. We designed several concepts until Braeron elected this version.

The design includes the silhouette of the drone in a dark blue shade that conveys trust. 
Branding is a big investment and it needs to be done right. Good branding can give you a serious business edge.


Website Design and Corporate Identity

Agata Szymanowicz is a family photographer based in London. Agata selected our team to redesign her WordPress website into a professional custom-made platform. We started conceptualizing the logo design. To make the brand more personal, we used Agata’s handwriting as inspiration.  

Next, we headed to London to film a day in the artist’s studio. We followed the photographer on her assignments, witnessed the energy she puts into her work and the emotions she captures in her pictures. At the end of the day, we suggested “photographing love” as a tagline for Agata’s business. Because that’s what happens. Agata captures pure love.

Here are the images we captured during our London stay.

Agata - Behind the Scenes Case Study from eDesign on Vimeo.


We came back to the office inspired to design a beautiful website that spotlights the passion Agata puts in her work. The website won several awards and international recognition. 

We also designed an entire business package. We brought Agata’s branding to life in every newsletter template, box design, letterhead, gift voucher, information leaflet, business card, and complimentary slips. When you offer a luxury service, elegance needs to follow all the way.

Even though it was built over 4 years ago, Agata’s website has a modern look that will not go out of style soon.


Branding Elements

Another important part of branding is creating all visual rules a business should follow. After naming a company and designing a logo style, it’s time to build a brand guidebook

The brand guidebook is composed of various elements, starting from rules of use of the primary corporate logotype and sub-logos, defining special fonts and characters, demonstrating color combinations. The brand book can contain information on merchandise branding and explain elements of the business attire (ex: embroidered Logo).



For more information on corporate brand books, you can find examples of our work here. 

For advice on your corporate branding or a lift of your website design, just say We would love to discuss your needs.   

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