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A Dynamic Hub for Community Engagement

County College of Morris (CCM) has embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its online presence, and we at eDesign are thrilled to unveil the culmination of our collaborative efforts – the all-new CCM website.

The website was celebrated with a pre-launch party, hors d’oeuvres, swag gifts, and a Titan-led conga line dance, streamed live on YouTube. CCM's President, Dr. Antony J. Iacono, summarized our partnership with the highest praise a web agency could hope for in his opening remarks. “After a year and a half of interviews, input, ideation, and collaboration dedicated to creating this new site, we now have a fully redesigned, brand-new site that is easy to navigate with working search features. Things are intuitive, and it’s a breeze to get around it, and it looks absolutely amazing, page after page after page,” said Dr. Iacono. 

Driven by the desire to enhance the online experience for its diverse community, CCM recognized the urgent need for a digital transformation. Their previous website struggled to keep pace with modern marketing and left users grappling with frustration as they navigated its labyrinth in search of information.

Enterprises of this magnitude are seldom devoid of challenges, and CCM’s website redesign was no exception. Our team uncovered valuable insights through in-depth interviews and strategized the path forward. Clarity, modernization, and a resolute focus on user-centric design emerged as the cornerstones of our mission.

Together with CCM, we embarked on a journey of collaboration and innovation. Our approach was multifaceted, addressing not only the visual aesthetics but also the structural integrity of the website. 

  • Key Achievements
    - Implementing a modern design reflecting CCM's vibrant campus, student body, and recent rebranding.
    - Developing a clear information architecture to streamline navigation.
    - Incorporating mobile responsiveness for seamless access across devices.
    - Implementing robust search and filtering options for easy information retrieval.
    - Introducing "Career Pathways" content to align academic programs with career aspirations.
    - Personalizing quick links based on user analytics for efficient navigation.
    - Enhancing support services accessibility for both academic and emotional needs.
    - Promoting on-campus events and community engagement opportunities.
    - Creating an internal intranet for staff while ensuring external content remains user-focused.
    - Achieving 100% improvement in website functionality and user experience.
    - Increasing website traffic and engagement, with over 6000 visits on launch day alone.
    - Enhancing CCM’s community pride and connection.
    - Successful collaboration with CCM's team resulted in a seamless design process.

Behind the Scenes
Drawing inspiration from CCM's vibrant campus and ethos of excellence, we infused the new design with elements of confidence and vibrance. Bold colors and strong headlines invite visitors to explore the site, while subtle animations imbue the user experience with a palpable sense of energy and momentum.

Central to our strategy was the seamless integration of mobile responsiveness, which ensured that users could access the website anytime, anywhere, across a myriad of devices. 

Navigating the new website is a breeze, thanks to robust search and filtering options that empower users to quickly locate the information they seek. The website also acts as a central hub for support services, reflecting CCM's dedication to student success and well-being. From promoting on-campus events to fostering connections among students and faculty, every element of the design is crafted to amplify CCM pride and belonging.

Moreover, the introduction of new "Career Pathways" content aims at connecting prospective students with their professional aspirations. This comprehensive resource aligns academic programs with career goals, catering to both traditional and workforce-focused students.

The journey has been arduous, but the outcomes speak volumes with a 100% rate of improvement in functionality and user experience. The positive feedback we received from CCM's community members reaffirms the transformative impact of our collaboration. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire CCM team for entrusting us with their website redesign. Together, we forged a digital presence that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

Here's to the future brimming with endless possibilities and boundless pride for the County College of Morris students, staff, and faculty members! We are honored to have been chosen as your website design agency and look forward to a long, collaborative partnership with you.

If you need help with your branding, website redesign, or marketing campaign, just say hello. Our digital experts in New Jersey will be happy to discuss your project.   

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