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Your New Website Is Live. Now What?

Hooray! Your website has officially launched! But hold on - don't pop the champagne just yet. This isn't the end of your project; it's just the beginning. 

Jeff Nordstedt, eDesign’s Director of User Experience, emphasizes the importance of seeing your site launch as the starting point for maximizing your digital presence. 

So, what's next? Let's explore what lies ahead and how to navigate the post-launch phase successfully.

Embrace Imperfection
Amidst discussions with our clients, one fundamental misconception always emerges: the belief that a website must be flawless before launch. In our experience, this stance inhibits progress and often leads to delays in launching.

If you speak with Jeff Nordstedt, he will tell you that the quest for a "perfect" website parallels the pursuit of Nirvana—an ideal never fully realized but perpetually strived for. 

While striving for excellence is essential, brands need to understand that launching their new site is just the first step in allowing continuous improvement through user feedback and iterative development. The key is to engage visitors and observe their reactions. It's about analyzing what's working, what's not, and what can be improved. Before launch, we make educated guesses about user behavior and site usage, but true validation only comes when your site is live and tested in the real world. 

Shift from Product to Tool Mentality
We advocate for a shift in perspective—we encourage clients to see their website as a dynamic tool rather than a finished marketing product. Unlike traditional print media, your website is not a static brochure; it's an interactive platform for connecting with your audience. Considering it as the beating heart of your brand allows for real-time publishing and engagement. 

You must utilize your site’s capabilities to adapt to changing market dynamics, customer preferences, and content offerings. We encourage ongoing content creation, monitoring, and a proactive approach to site maintenance.

Measure User Feedback
Understanding your website's performance is essential for ongoing success. Define clear metrics aligned with your objectives and use analytics to assess what's working and what isn't. 

Pay attention to your audiences, measure outcomes, and adjust accordingly. By analyzing user behavior and feedback, you can refine your content strategy and optimize the user experience progressively. This iterative approach ensures your site evolves according to user needs and preferences.

Cultivate a Publishing Mindset
Jeff Nordstedt highlights the importance of viewing website development as part of a broader digital transformation. Simply having a new website isn't enough; organizations must adopt a publisher's mentality, continually supplying the site with relevant content to stimulate engagement and meet marketing objectives.

Content creation shouldn't end at launch; it's an ongoing commitment. Jeff advises clients to harness their websites as platforms for sharing stories, expertise, and updates. Whether through blog entries, thought leadership articles, or success narratives, maintain a consistent cadence to foster audience interaction. Publishing relevant content will keep your audience engaged and informed. 

Digital Marketing Partnership
In addition to maintenance, Jeff advocates for a collaboration with eDesign focused on your website's long-term health and growth. As website architecture and performance specialists, we offer strategic advice and support to maximize your site's full potential and yield tangible results. We can provide proactive guidance, identify optimization opportunities, and ensure your site aligns with your marketing goals.

Launch day doesn't mark the end of our involvement but rather the beginning of a strategic partnership.

Start Small, Grow Strategically
Rather than aiming for complexity from the start, Jeff Nordstedt recommends beginning with a website that you can efficiently manage and develop over time. You can achieve lasting success in the digital marketplace by wisely allocating resources and building meaningful connections with your audience.

“Launching isn't a finish line; it's a starting line, a notion I've emphasized to clients for years,” says Jeff Nordstedt. By embracing a mindset of ongoing improvement, strategic content creation, and a proactive marketing plan, you can unlock the full potential of your digital presence and cultivate lasting relationships with your audience.

Just say hello if you need help with your branding, website redesign, or marketing campaign. Our digital experts in New Jersey will be happy to discuss your project.

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