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How To Brand Your Business On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has imposed itself as more than a professional network or job-seeking platform. It has fantastic advantages other social websites don’t offer. You can tap into the potential of LinkedIn to increase your customer base, look for investors, build your brand, develop business relationships, build networks, find qualified vendors, connect with partners, build your strategic access to associations, and hire new talent.

The key is to initiate a smart strategy. Here come some tips on how to harness the power of LinkedIn:


Make Your Headline Count

Do you have a corporate page yet? If not, it’s time to create one. All the advice listed below starts with establishing your presence on LinkedIn. If you are not sure how to create a page- just look on YouTube for advice. 

While creating your profile, you need to evaluate which three products or services to feature and which visual images to select for your business. You can use visual content in your background space to feature promotions, portfolio illustrations, influential compositions, and credibility building photographs. Check out ’s page for visual inspiration.

The most important piece of advice when creating your LinkedIn page is to pay extra attention to your headline. Think of it as your brand’s tagline. It’s the first description many people will see, so make it count! Describe your business in a unique way that grabs users’ attention.

And last but not least, don’t forget to customize your LinkedIn URL. LinkedIn has high. Using a custom URL named after your business will help your label rank high too.


Recommendations from Users

Now that your profile is set up, you need to rally the troops. Ask your customers or partners to leave a review. Customize the recommendation request and send it to chosen contacts. You can also record short customer testimonials and use those for your LinkedIn page.

Another great idea for any social media platform is to give your fans a tour of your office or introduce them to key staff members. A fun way to show off the personality of your brand.

Go ahead and invite your employees, partners, and vendors to follow and interact with your page. Your credibility immediately increases when visitors see that your page is followed by professionals with skills and experience.


Get Links

Like other social platforms, LinkedIn is about connections and engagement. Similar to Facebook, you can update your status, publish articles, follow companies or publicize events (online or offline). Have a look at HubSpot as an example of how to turn your LinkedIn status updates into traffic and ultimately sales. Like other social platforms, the key is to update your page and post news to your professional community.


Start a Conversation

One of the best features on LinkedIn is the ability to start an interest group and stir discussions. This is a great way for members to get to know your business and area of expertise. Have a look at the Photography (2056064) group for inspiration. This group has done a great job engaging lots of followers and turning forum conversations into successful business opportunities.

It’s also good to join different groups covering topics related to your business. This will give you a great way to voice your opinion, be active in established communities, and interact with new users. The idea here is not to promote your business directly and spam the conversation, but offer professional advice and engage in a way to be helpful and create authority within a group that is related to the core business skills and services you offer. Sincere/genuine conversations create real ties and bring up business accolades.


Sharable Content

All the content you post on LinkedIn should be produced with the same creative thinking you would use to write a blog post, an article, or a column. The difference here is that you need to formulate content that is to the point. People are looking for short, interesting, and industry-focused nuggets of knowledge. A good way to think of a LinkedIn article is a summary of the content you have published somewhere else online. You need to demonstrate thought leadership and delve into the topics you care about. Whether its’ marketing, fashion, education, or medicine, LinkedIn is a great place for sharing professional advice.

Once you begin to publish on the LinkedIn Publisher Platform, you’ll quickly see a spike in your page views. For inspiration, have a look at LinkedIn influencer Brian Solis. Brian is a good example on how to generate awareness, establish thought leadership, and drive targeted website traffic by publishing content on LinkedIn. 

Post as consistently as possible. Post once a day if you can, it will encourage engagement and foster familiarity with your know-how.

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