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Launched! Finch Has a New Brand Identity and Website

We are happy to announce the website design launch of Finch.

Finch is a mobile app that combines the flexibility of a checking account with the benefits of an investment account. It puts your money to work by automatically investing one’s entire checking balance into a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds, offering liquidity, simplicity, and the opportunity to increase wealth by up to 50% every 10 years.

eDesign’s mission was to present the simplicity and ease of use of this new checking and investing opportunity for millennials. We started working on this project from the ground up by rebranding the company and developing a logo, brand guidelines, and a new website design within a tight timeline of 4 months.

Finch’s website required smart but fun interactive graphics, including 3D branded coins that fly off the screen, creating the happy tone the brand was seeking. The website also presents Finch as a trustworthy financial services institution.

Both Finch and eDesign put a lot of hard work into launching this project. Despite the tight timelines, we were able to successfully rebrand the company in time for the launch of the iOS app.

The feedback from our client was very positive:
"Our team is delighted by the final output. We have already received great feedback from our investors and customers on the rebrand and the website." Read the full client review here.

Stay tuned for our complete case study.

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