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AWWWARDS “Site Of The Day” Party

We are so happy to announce that our new corporate site is selected “Site of the Day” by AWWWARDS. What an exciting morning at the office! We are celebrating our 6th W. award today.

Our new website design includes a fantasy of whimsical 3D visuals, fun animations and casual photos we took around the office. We intended to capture the day-to-day essence of our company and photograph our team in the raw. It was so much fun bringing a camera behind the scenes and shooting workday moments as they unfold.

“This is our sixth SOTD and we are still the only agency in Bulgaria to ever receive this prize. This time, however, the award feels more special and personal. For the first time, we put our own website in front of the jury. This is a site we’ve been working on for the last 9 months. A site where every pixel is drawn with care, each word reflects our company culture, each graphic has taken countless hours, and every photo is intended to show us the way we are: happy, wild, shy, artistic, unconventional, positive, talented and fun people committed to making beautiful and valuable digital products” says George Kostov, our Founder and Creative Director. “To me, this is an incredible recognition and honor. I am very proud of what eDesign has been able to achieve throughout the years. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with all our cool and goofy people who make me feel twenty again and inspire me with their energy and creativity. Thanks, guys! We are a rocking team!”

The entire team at eDesign is thrilled, grateful and honored by the AWWWARDS recognition!

We will keep soaring, keep learning and keep crafting beautiful web experiences. ❤



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