Our Role

Graphic Design, Project Management, Front and Back-end Development, User Interface Design


Bulgarian Web Awards: Best Multiscreen Website 2015 is an online guide for UAE nurseries. The website lists the best establishments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and helps parents select childcare institutions. Nursery Guide is the ultimate go-to source for information and the ‘one and only’ dedicated guide for all the nurseries in the UAE.

Adorable Looks

NurseryGuide’s website was a fantastic project to work on. We were requested to find the most appropriate look for a childlike website that speaks to parents. The only instructions we’ve started with were not to use visuals of kids, women and child playgrounds. We had to take into consideration UAE’s religious and cultural differences in our branding vision. The website needed an adorable look, without being too childish.


A Fantastic
Search Engine

Behind the scenes, our team of developers created an easy to use search engine
for To find the right place for their kids, parents can
select particular activities or learning curriculum. They can look up
nurseries according to their budget or the number of days they would like to
enroll their child for.

Let’s Play!

To create a visual identity for NurseryGuide, we decided to go bright, light and lively. We explored childlike elements in a playful and welcoming style. br Our design team accentuated on innocence and freedom. We took a simple approach and a playful palette. We choses light typeface to deliver a clear and inviting identity.

A family wants nothing more then to see their kids happy. This is why we’ve designed to be a happy experience parents keep coming back to. We’ve incorporated cheerful elements into the design to ensure that positive mood.


1Robotnamed Cyber
5k+Nurseries expected to enroll
5Weeksfrom start to completion
8Parentswork in our office
15Design Elementswere drawn by hand
Our design team accentuated
on innocence and freedom.
We took a simple approach and
a playful palette
nursery Mobile App


Back-End and Database Development
User Interface Design
Social Integrations