Maretti Bakery

About the client

Maretti is a famous Italian bakery known for its crispy bruschette. With 54 countries in its portfolio, the brand is present in Europe and across the world. Maretti Bakery was built on the reputation of manufacturing quality snacks at a competitive price. Firm’s innovative approach to product development and daring marketing communication constitutes its secret ingredient for international success.

As Maretti’s digital agency, our team was put to the challenge to create a global website presence unique to the brand, while at the same time adapting to local markets and consumer preferences.

Our Role

Graphic Design, Animation, Project Management, Video Edit, Front and Back-end Development, User Interface Design

From Italy with Love

Maretti’s website was designed to embrace the essence of the brand. We’ve put special attention to the color palettes, hand-made graphics and fresh-appeal. We’ve gathered some Italian sunshine and gorgeous photography to create Maretti’s light-hearted lifestyle. Maretti Bakery prepares its specialties with love and care. Brand’s passion and “amore grande” guided our inspiration.

agata Mobile App
Maretti Mobile App

Responsive View on Every Device

We’ve built Maretti’s site to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices—whether you’re on a smartphone or a 27” monitor. No resizing, no panning.

Technologies Used

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Backbone
  • jQuery
  • CDN
  • Web fonts
  • Nginx
  • Responsive layout

Spin the Wheel

To emphasize Maretti’s snack flavors we’ve created a beautiful selection circle that entices viewers to click around and discover different bite-sized pleasures. Scrolling along, fans can also view dazzling video frames of the baking process and fresh ingredients. Integrated short video episodes show the life in the little Italian village of our famous bakery.

Maretti Spin the Wheel


2005Bruschette Maretti
were born

of graphic design
70Snacks devoured
2Months to finish
the project

What’s Next?

We are excited to announce that eDesign will be creating a web design for each one of Maretti’s local markets. Yep, that’s 54 countries, 40+ languages, different products and packaging. Out team will focus on connecting brand’s strategy, fans and cultures on a global scale. We are thrilled to dive into the colossal work that will take Maretti Bakery into its next stage of growth. This is how legends are made! And we are so proud to be a trusted partner in the process.

Maretti on the Map
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