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Raritan Valley
College (RVCC)

A digital marketing campaign can be +300% more effective then print advertising.

About the Client

Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) is an accredited two-year public community college located in New Jersey. RVCC offers Associate’s Degree programs that develop critical thinking and promote leadership. The college was founded in 1965.

At eDesign, we believe in education; especially a solid, affordable, “real life skills” kind of education. So RVCC is a favorite client of ours. The community college has many wonderful courses and is a great platform for a successful workforce career or on the way to a Bachelor’s Degree.

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Our role

Campaign Strategy, Audience Planning and Research, Media Planning and Buying, Campaign Creative, Graphic Design for all advertising channels (Banners, Display, Social), UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, Animations, Campaign and Social Media Management, Drupal Integration, Project Management, Copywriting.

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RVCC needed help with creating a strong recruitment campaign for school’s 2018 enrollment year. Our objective was to inspire future students, convert those ready to enroll now, and market the school’s newest programs available at RVCC.

RVCC image
RVCC image

Color Code

We were inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year. It’s a color representing invention and imagination. Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come. RVCC couldn’t agree more that this was the evolution of their messaging and theme of moments, coming to life in 2018.

Our Main Focus: RVCC’s Students and Their Success Stories

We interviewed graduates from different programs and age groups. We wrote down their unique experiences, memories of RVCC and how the college has helped each of them getting a career or a Bachelor’s degree. We organized a photo-shoot and used only authentic student images for the website redesign and online campaign. We also turned some of the images into fun cinemagraphs!

Capture Tomorrow, by Taking Action Today

We made changes to the site: repositioned important calls to action, redesigned the hero slider to reflect the new vision and added campaign analytics to adjust and optimize each month over the 6 months campaign. We created many marketing assets. We even produced a digital billboard, located outside a local minor league baseball stadium.

Time was of the essence. The deadline was very short, so we mobilized our entire 20-person team to lend a hand. No efforts are in vain to deliver great results for the clients you love.

BIG Results

A digital campaign is not just about creating inspiring visuals; it’s about generating results! In the case of RVCC, this means helping the college increase student applications and enrollments. We are honored to have RVCC’s trust. The school followed our vision and execution of the campaign as true collaborative partner would. And we are proud to say, our efforts yield results. Great results.

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Banners Galore

To reach out to more students, RVCC invested into a full-blown online campaign.
Following the key visual, we worked on building beautiful advertising assets for the channels in the media plan. This meant designing multiple banners and animations for each creative and channel. 10 different sizes of each visual were produced per picture/campaign. That’s A LOT of assets and design work. We’ve paid attention to every detail. It was well worth it.

RVCC has been able to reach and engage students like never before through targeted, smart and creative advertising.
A simplified, intuitive user experience allows students to signed up in a few clicks.
Successful campaigns start with a deep understanding of the student recruitment lifecycle.
Web visuals must speak to and engage the right audience.
We made changes to the site and repositioned important calls to action.

What Else?

We evaluated SnapChat to be students’ preferred channel for sharing. Our team decided to geo-fence the campus and outline different target areas (the stadium, the library, visitor meeting points, bus stops, parking pick-up and drop-off locations). We then created fun SnapChat filters to celebrate events, student achievements and fun happenings at each of the geo-fenced spots. The more students use RVCC’ branded SnapChat filters, the more endorsement and influencer marketing the school builds organically.

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